Designing a kid's room is such excitement for parents that they start to be confused where to start and what to do. There are many questions appearing like whether to start from furniture or from the room itself. You might have already picked a favourite furniture model. In such a situation, you will probably try to match the wall design to the furniture. If you have decided to start from the room and walls particularly, then continue to read. Because we collected some useful tips for decorating the room of your little one.

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It is worth to mention that walls play an important role in room design. They define the overall aura of the room. Keep in mind that children are observing and everything surrounding them has an impact on their development process. Therefore, you will need to show a delicate approach while designing the walls. There are various options to decorate them. First of all, define the style. Some parents prefer to boost the imagination of their kids. Then wall murals are a great option to opt for. Wall murals have many advantages that make them special. One of them is that you can find them almost with any design, illustration you want. They can be personalized as well. Another plus is the convenience. It is easy to fix and remove them. As a result, once your kid is too grown up for child illustrations you can easily take them out and redesign the room. Nowadays, one of the trending wall decors is to add a wall mural to only one side and leave the rest with a single colour.

Another preferred option is to paint the walls in single colour. You may have heard that all the colour has their own impact on people. It is an important fact to take into consideration. Colours like white, black, blue, red, or green all of them has a different feature. Therefore, pick a colour carefully while designing the room of your little one. If you would like to know more about the colours, check this article about "The right colour palette for the kid's bedroom". Nowadays, one of the preferred options by parents is bright and neutral colours inspired by Scandinavian design. It is not surprising since the Scandinavian approach helps especially the small rooms to look larger and lighter. Moreover, it matches perfectly with the Scandinavian style furniture like house beds. This kid's beds are adorable with their unique design.

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If you decided to go for a single colour that does not mean your walls should look simple or empty. You can take the advantage from empty walls by using them as storage too. Wall shelves are an excellent solution to implement the idea. Designers created wall shelves that are useful not only for storing belongings but adding extra beauty as well. Cloud shelves will be a perfect decoration to a room with any wall design. You can find such cloud shelving units by visiting our online store. We present you them in various styles and colour options. They are made from safe materials.

Hopefully, our tips were useful for you to plan your decoration process. Remember that the hardest thing is just to start.