Do you find that you are feeling tired and irritable during the day? Do you find it hard to concentrate or focus on things that you need to do?

If this is true for you then you may be surprised to learn that the lighting that you have in the room could be having an impact. The majority of us think that having enough lighting to see what you are doing is the main point to consider, but this really isn’t the case.

In fact, lighting not only can cause you to have a headache but can even go as far to cause problems such as double vision.

Thinking about lighting in your home or office. Why not take a few moments to find out how some minor adjustments can have a huge difference to your well-being.

Install flexible lighting options

Everyone is different, and everyone needs a slightly different approach to lighting. The amount of light that is needed is also dependant on what task is being done and the time of day. It makes sense then, to try to install flexible lighting options as much as you can. Have lights that can be dimmed or made brighter, and best of all, have lights that can be moved around too.

Dim the overhead lights

One of the biggest perceptions of light is that the more that we can see, the better it is. The trouble with this is that a bright overhead light could, in fact, cause somewhat of a glare, which means that you will find it harder to see. Whilst overhead lights are useful and important at times, they can also cause an issue, which means that it makes sense to install a dimmer in the room which allows you to adjust the level of light that shines on you.

Reduce blue light

If you have a lot of LED lights or fluorescent lights then you are going to find that you are taking in too much blue light. Blue light does occur in nature and is known to boost attention and mood, however, this should only happen during the morning and into the early afternoon. Once the day starts to come to a close, too much blue light could leave you with a disrupted sleep pattern and feel groggy too.

Utilise natural light as much as possible

Of course, it isn’t easy to depend on natural light in every room. But if you can try to get as much light as possible from outside then you may find that you feel much better. Try to locate your desk or seating so that you can feel the light coming through the window, whilst reducing the glare of course.

Light is much more powerful then you may realise, and it is something that you need to work with care to achieve the best result. Play around with different lighting solutions in your home and see which one helps you to not only see better but also to feel a whole lot better too.