With more people working from home than ever before, now is the perfect time to upgrade, or
even create, your home office. It doesn’t need to be complicated, and, in fact, it can be quite
simple if you make the right design choices for your home office desk and furniture. With a little guidance,
you’ll soon be on your way to working productively from the comfort of your home office.
One great design choice for your home office is to create a Scandinavian inspired home office.
Pick an affordable desk, like our Alva Scandi Desk, and chose a comfortable office chair. For
the chair, I recommend the super-comfortable Jungle Office Chair because it combines utility
with sleek design features.
Once you have your office desk and chair picked out, it’s time to think about other home office
furniture you’ll need to complete your home office. Storage is your most important consideration.
Think about what you need to store and the most efficient way to store it. Bookcases, shelving,
and office cabinets are your friend, and they’ll go a long way towards making your home office
as efficient and organized as possible.
Our Big Oak Shelving Unit is a great choice. It has a massive amount of storage and looks
stylish at the same time. It’s perfect for storing your books, paperwork, and any other essential
supplies you might need. For something a little smaller, our Contemporary Style Sideboard is an
excellent choice. Its compact design will allow it to be used in nearly any size space, while the
doors allow you to put any office clutter out of sight.
If you have a lot of books that need to be stored, you can’t go wrong with the Hillen
Scandinavian Bookcase. Its unique design provides different shelving of various sizes to ensure
all your books will have a home. On top of that, its smooth lines will complement any room and
truly make your office look great.
Once those essentials are out of the way, it’s time to think about other home office furniture to
complete your setup. Having a stylish and cozy office couch or padded chair will give you a nice
place to relax or meet with clients. Our Dream Scandinavian Sofa will work perfectly in this
scenario. For a bit more seating room, try the Fifties 3 Seater Sofa. On the other hand, if space
is at a premium, the Evoke Contemporary Armchair is a good choice. All three boast modern
Scandinavian design and comfort at the same time.
When choosing all of your home-office furniture, take a little bit of time to think about anything
else you might need in your home office. Perhaps your profession requires printing out a lot of
paperwork. If that’s the case, invest in a larger desk so your printer is readily available. On the
other hand, if you’ll be sitting at your desk typing or answering calls often, an adjustable office
chair will serve you well.
Whatever the case, providing yourself with a home office that offers comfort and convenience
will make everything easier. On top of that, choosing Scandinavian style home office furniture will make you
feel better every day when you start work.