Enhancing or decorating your baby's nursery does not have to cost a fortune. With a bit of creative thinking and smart shopping, you can end up with something special also nursery furniture set under 400 with absolute ease. You can create a space for your little one that is as chic as it is frugal. If you have some doubts, we may be of help. You want your new baby to have one of those enchanting baby rooms but you do not want to take out a loan for it. Good news is that you do not have to purchase everything for your baby's nursery from those expensive baby stores. With the mindful tips, we have gathered you will be able to buy the dream cheap cot and more.

Spend Less on Cot Bedding 

It is always tempting to decorate your baby’s cot with a mountain-like display of pillows and plush toys, but the reality is that you only need one of each. Stick to simple patterned bedding and minimal styling to decorate on a budget. Cot bedding is the usually the most notorious on your budget when talking about nursery essentials with some sets costing of £ 200 and more. In addition, while these high-priced sets may be beautiful

Invest in Your Cot 

Designer cribs are a thing, and they will most be expensive. Luckily, there are tons of well-designed, cheap cot out there. Therefore, before you go dropping thousands on a cot, shop around for budget alternatives, and look for more practical cots such as the three-in-one convertible ones that will transform into a toddler bed when the time comes. Investing in your cot can be in several ways the lifespan of the cot; why make a purchase for a cot bed that can be used for 2 years, if you can get one for double the number of years. In addition, you ought to consider the size of a cot. For example, a 120x60 cot is a cot that can fit perfectly in small and big nurseries alike

Be Creative with Paint

Easily updated and inexpensive, paint makes a great substitute for expensive wall solutions, especially when used in enjoyable and unexpected ways. Add allure to your design by painting the ceiling. Introduce colour by painting the inside of your window bookshelves and frames. You can even create intricate patterns using concealing tape and stencils. This might be hard work, but the results are well worth the while keeping your expenses within the boundaries of the set budget.

Be Creative with Paint

Before you visit the aisles of your local or online furniture markets, consider what you already have and what you can get on the cheap. A fresh paint or custom drawer pulls can literally transform an old a dresser. Moreover, add a padded changing mat or willow baskets for keeping nappies and other essentials. For good deals, always check your favourite stores or websites for weekly deals and offers, you may stumble on a piece of furniture that suits your taste.

Always Keep in Mind, Minimize!

A simple nursery can be beautiful with its simplicity! From modern minimalism to Scandi-influenced décor to the new Bohemian chic such as wholesome white nurseries are a growing trend. You would have more room for your foot traffic if you, for instance, have a space-saver cot or avoid purchasing a dresser altogether; you will survive without it!