Even though you do not have a clear plan, idea on your mind and struggling with the organisation process it is still an exciting and happy moment to design and decorate the nursery room. You have actually limitless options. Well, several points might narrow down your opportunities. One of them is space. If you do not have enough space in the room, the designing process will require much more effort. You might also be organising a place for siblings or twins. It means an increased level of hardness. But do not worry. It is not an undoable task. You just need to show the right approach, and we will help you with that. Let's divide the process into two parts and consider functionality and design separately.

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Functionality. Whatever you plan to organise and add to the room, remember that the main point is to ensure that these are functional and meets the demands. In other words, do not stuff the already small room with different baby furniture items. Pick the furniture that you think delivers the most significant and useful features. Of course, you can not imagine a nursery without a sleeping place. Also, you will need some storage to keep all those cute, tiny clothes of your baby. As a result, go for a nursery space saver cot and chest. Basically, you will not load the room with the unurgent furniture items and provide the essential details. Cot and chest set will give you the prior convenience. The situation might slightly change for the room with twins or siblings. If you have enough place, it will be nice to acquire two sets of cot & chest furniture. A narrow but large wardrobe can be another excellent solution that will be sufficient for some period. House beds for kids is another nice option to create a lovely sleeping area. The last ideas were for twins nursery. Then, what to do when you decorate the room for siblings? We can recommend buying a loft bed for your bigger kid and cot bed for the younger one. The space under the loft bed will be a perfect place to organise storage and occupying one area for two different items.


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Design. It plays a significant role in rooms with limited spaces. Yes, it will not enlarge the room in any form. However, you can create an environment where it will look large. You will need to pick neutral and bright colours to have this effect. Examine the impact of colours on child development and select the best one for your family. It is possible to choose a special theme for the room as well. If you will decide to select a special theme for a shared room, try to have elements that spread sharing vibes to teach your little ones to share and love to share. The organisation of the room can be accepted as a part of designing too. In a room for twins, there is a need for specific places where children will share. Grouping the goods will make it easier to take, putting back and cleaning. A shared room for siblings requires a different approach. You will need to create separate yet equal spaces. Organise higher shelves for your bigger child and leave the lower ones for the baby. Small and tiny toys of your toddler are risky for your little one.