Winter is the ideal time to cuddle up at home where it is nice and warm. However, what if your home is feeling less than warm? The last place that you will want to feel the chill in is the bedroom. With this in mind we have some top tips fo

Don’t believe us? Check out the top 3 ways that you can optically warm up your bedroom for winter time.

Use warm light

You would be surprised to know just how much light can transform a room. You may think it is best to blast some bright lights to illuminate the room. But this can have the opposite effect and leave it feeling colder than it was when it started. A top tip is to make sure that you use a shade around any bare lights, and if you really want to make a warm atmosphere then you need to embrace a coloured shade. You can also buy lightbulbs that are labelled as providing warm soft light, these are the best option if your aim is to warm up the space.

Fill the room with things that matter to you

There is nothing more comforting in your home then a space that is filled with important things to you. Now, we don’t mean that you approach this on a hoarding level, but perhaps just think about warming up what is usually a bare space. Photos of loved ones, perhaps a collage of them on the wall. Inspirational quotes that you can display on the walls and of course maybe a childhood toy that you still have held on to. All of these things will come together to make a space that is entirely about you and that you will feel happy, content and warm in.

Have plenty of texture

It may sound strange, but one way to warm up a space is to use texture. This is definitely the case if you layer up different textures in areas that you really want to be cosy, such as your wooden bed. Think about warm fabrics that are feel great when you touch them. We recommended cable knit cushions and warm cosy fur throws. Doing this means that you are much more likely to want to dive into bed at the end of the day.

As you can see, warming up your bedroom doesn’t mean that you need to whack up the thermostat. Instead, there are a variety of ways that you can use light, colour and texture to help you to feel cosy and ready for sleep!