All parents would like to see their kid's room kept organized. However, they cannot always follow their kids step by step and control it all the time. As a result, you will need to teach them an important habit of keeping their room clean and tidy. It can be hard to know where to start, especially with younger children. However, once it is done you will have confidence and relaxation while the work is already solved. There are some key points to focus on attention. It will help you to easily teach your children to keep the place tidy. We collected some already used and implemented tactics by many parents that were effective. Here are 5 tips recommended to do for developing a habit of cleaning and being organized.

Tip 1: Everything needs to have a place

It is a nice idea to give everything a place it belongs to. You can use bottom drawers of kid's house bed or toy boxes to have a separate space for their toys. Keep similar things together in one drawer. If the room is shared, marking with colour will be a great solution to clarify whose drawer is whose. When everything has separate storage your child will be able to understand where the things belong. It is a nice step in teaching their room clean. A child does not understand where the belongings should go. By demonstrating them how to be organized to will achieve it easier.

Tip 2: Place things back when you finished with it

When kids start to play they to have all the different toys around them. With some of them, they would like to go outside, however, leaving the room without Legos left around the room is not acceptable. Therefore, you can gently explain to them why they need to remove the things they do not need to its place. By letting them play with toys from a single drawer and remove them when they want to play with another one will a nice way. Control them to hang back the clothes on clothing rack as well.

Tip 3: Morning routine is essential

The morning defines the flow of the rest of the day. This rule works with the teaching process of your kids to keep the room clean as well. Make a morning task to make their house bed, open curtains and blinds, also check and take care of dirty clothes. It helps them to start the day clean and continue with the same approach.

Tip 4: Set a cleaning time before dinner

When you call your kids to the table for dinner, they immediately come and leave their toys laying on the floor. These toys might stay there till the bedtime and then you will need to have additional time to clean up the room. It might damage the sleeping discipline. Teach them by giving 30 minutes before the start of dinner to make the room tidy and join the dinner table. Also encouraging them to help to set dinner table.

Tip 5: Cleaning up together

It will be a nice tradition to go to your children's room once a week and do a five minute tidy up altogether. It will help you to clean and make organized the places that were missed during the week. Teach them to clean dust and vacuum the place. Check everything and mention if the things are in the place they belong to. Show them the right place and re-enforce to act appropriately.

After implementing all these tips you just need to give some time for them to get used to it.