Montessori parenting is getting more and more popular. It is not surprising since the method encourages more independent development of children. It is inspiring parents to give some freedom to their little ones within a certain place and within certain limits. The practice is created by Italian physician and educator Dr Maria Montessori. She believed that an environment where children can utilize by themselves has a fantastic effect on their personality development. This free environment needs such items like a chest of drawers they can open, a washstand suitable for them, a Montessori bed where they can freely sleep. Their room should be a place where they can freely live and play. As a result, the items placed in the room needs to be placed according to the child's need on their level. It should be applied to everything like furniture, toys, clothing, table, etc.

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Kid's bed is an essential part of their room. Their healthy development highly depends on proper sleep. In the Montessori approach, floor beds are used to organise the sleeping place. They are advantageous for several reasons. First of all, they give freedom of access to the kids. They will not need a help from anyone to get in or out of the bed. Secondly, it is highly beneficial to organise floor bed. You can organise it just with a mattress on the floor and stay budget-friendly. However, some kid's might not feel safe in an so open bed. Teepee bed is a perfect solution at this point. They give a sense of safety with enclosure. Moreover, their lovely design turns the room into a fairytale world. Some parents are worried about the risk of falling. Due to the low height, they are not in danger even if they fall. You can still do some actions to keep yourself not worried. By placing some items like a rug, towels you can soften the fall. Usually, Montessori parents switch their little ones to floor beds after 3 months.

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Another important issue in the organising of a Montessori bedroom is the storage. It should be functional in several ways. The storage should be able to save the required belongings and give easy access to children. Kids need to be able to choose the clothing by themselves, place it and take out individually. Kids clothes rack will be highly useful to fix in their room. A wardrobe designed on their level with a chest of drawers will be capable to store most of their belongings and stuff in the room. In the opposite case, the best choice is to use the walls. By fixing some kid's room shelves you can increase the storage place for various items. Moreover, some models like cloud shelf are a decorative element for the room as well. Scandinavian clouds shelves set for kids bedroom are capable to deliver a lovely look to the room and provide with the storage at the same time. Such shelves are practical to place books, photos, toys, or other accessories to stress the design of kid's room. Do not forget to install them on child's level to give them the freedom to use the elements in the room.