The cold days are almost behind. Days getting longer and nights are shorter now. We can see the sun more often smiling at us. It means spring is knocking on the door. Spring makes us smile more and inspires to do some updates in our environment. The first place where we start to do these changes and renewings is our home. We start to make a general cleaning and small additions to the places. The nursery room is in the game as well. It is essential to show a separate, more careful approach for your baby's room. Probably you would ask, what can you do or change there? Then, continue to read because we will help you on how to add a spring touch to your nursery.

Spring means colour. It is a perfect time to pop up your baby's room with some colours. Your nursery might be designed with neutral effects. Especially, Scandinavian style nursery rooms with Scandinavian nursery furniture opt for neutral tones. However, it does not mean you have to keep the place only with this approach. You can trust your intuition and implement some shifts. Celebrate the coming of spring with some colour additions to your nursery. Add some colourful cushions to the nursery or decorate with some accessories that will give new colour effects to the place. You do not necessarily have to purchase those decorations. Simply do it by yourself. Create simple decorations with various colour that can be hanged on the wall or placed in nursery shelves.

Source: Brit

Plants are great additions for every corner in your accommodations. The nursery room is not an exclusion. There are some plants that are completely healthy and beneficial to place to your baby's room. Chinese evergreen, golden pathos, corn planet are considered to be one of the safest plants for babies. They purify the air and increase the quality of life in the nursery. Be careful about not stuffing the room with plants. It is recommended to have one large plants or two smaller around 10 cm pots. Greenery in the nursery will be both a nice decoration and healthy for the environment at the same time.

Source: Designmag

Another option to change something or bring something new can a furniture addition. Consider what you lack in the nursery room. You baby keeps growing and so do the number of belongings. If you do not have anything except a cot bed and chest of drawers in the place, consider buying a wardrobe for a nursery. It is hard to imagine modern style nursery rooms without a bookshelf as well. They are useful to store books, accessories and other elements. It will be a nice encouraging item for your baby to inspire reading from the early years.

Source: Decorpad

If you wanted to make some refreshment in your flat spring is the best time to do it. However, your baby might be disturbed by it. As a result, you have to carefully think over it. In the end, do whatever works for you and your family the best. When you want to make some re-touch with furniture addition MrHousey is the address to look for. Our online store presents a large range of modern nursery room furniture at an affordable price.