Sofas on legs have recently become very popular solution in UK interior design trends. In most cases, it is not only stylish but also very convenient idea for your living room. Sofas on legs or casters are great concept for both modern as well as traditional set ups. If you are planning to buy sofa online, please check some of our suggestions and tips.

For last decades most UK living rooms have been dominated by the massive couches with either leather-like or patchy fabric upholstery with no attention to style or detail. These are now considered old-fashioned and have been discarded by lighter sofa models. Sofas with wheels as well as wooden or metal legs are the most common option in that case. These could be either retro inspired or contemporary style piece of furniture. Sometimes it is a great mix of classic design with a twist of the modern trends.

Sofa on legs is good idea for both small as well as spacious interiors. Sofas online UK are now available in variety of shapes and options.

First of all, you can find a vast selection of sofas inspired with mid-century classic patterns and styles. For example, the early 1960s Knoll-style look has again become popular trend for sofas shape and design. Classic Scandinavian influences and inspirations are also very fashionable. These are great addition to any minimalistic interiors. Very often a new sofa with wooden legs becomes most adorable element of living room set up.

Scandinavian Sofa

The wooden legs are of different type and shape. Nevertheless, these are always stylish and eye-catching details for a fabric sofa.

Sofas with metal legs are another impressive solution for living room furniture. Metal legs are typical for Italian sofas or Italian style inspired designs and set ups. If you want to buy sofa online and you are fan of metal legs, check contemporary Italian models.

Polished metal legs of different shape together with light seat upholstered in premium fabric is a always a breathtaking combination. Remember that your new sofa should be not only of great look but also provide a comfortable and relaxing sit for your home. Check MrHousey offer to find the best European had made sofas with metal legs.

Modern Sofa With Metal Legs

Last but not least we have classic sofas with wheels or casters that have been traditional idea for British houses for ages. That is a truly timeless solution. The sofas with wheels are not only stylish as well as handy piece of furniture that can be easily moved around. 

Stylish Sofa With Wheels

If you love retro inspired sofa on wooden legs or modern style sofa with metal legs, look for best quality furniture in best prices. It is always a good idea to buy sofa online, where you can find a large selection of models and designs. Online shops like Funqiue offer great products and great service.