We here at Funique pride our selves In providing great quality furniture that does not only look and feel superb but will also lasting part of your home. So with that in mind we do regular visits to are manufactures and workshops to check are products and to hand in designs for new lines that we have created. Funique is fully committed to giving you the best that Europe can provide so therefore we put a lot of effort into sourcing the best materials and craftsmen and combing them to give you the best there is.

When we go to visit our workshops we go to the work floor first and talk to the carpenters and see what they feel about the furniture and whether they would change something as we feel that this relationship between us the designer and the carpenters makes for a product that is more rounded and has been truly tested and something we are willing to back and sell.

Here are a few images of are the workshop floor that we took on are last visit, in this workshop they are producing sofa’s for are Norfolk and Morgan sofa lines.

They are available on are webpage already but we are looking to expand the lines and so we went to workshops to see what we could do, also we have a few pictures of the upholstering being done of a few of our other lines which will be released soon and put on to display for you to look at.