Today here at MrHousey we Just sent off are first shipment of sofa’s since we have released are new lines, as you can see we have a very large order list. We are very glad in the customer interest in the sofa’s but what we were not expecting was the huge interest in the corner sofa’s which have been one of our most popular products, so much so that we have had to manufacture twice as many as we had expected.

We know that Sofa’s and corner Sofa’s are very important to a living room and the design of it sets the tone for the rest of the rooms decor, so we feel that what sets us apart from others is that we give a range to our customers that not only offers diversity but also something to be styled to your person.



In the near future we will be doing this twice a week so that we can cope with orders and we hope that we can half are transport time meaning that we can not only give you a fantastic price but also short waiting time for your furniture.