Majority of families choose to place their children in a shared nursery, whether out of necessity or practicality. More often than not, the rooms shared between siblings of the same gender, yet it happens that mixing things up might be a good idea and it’s becoming more common. Although, when it comes to sisters and brothers occupying the same space, picking the right decor can be delicate (as to figuring out the what sort of colour schemes or decoration is more befitting) You will likely, or not depending on your preference, circumvent the gender-specific colours like baby blue and pink, but that does not mean your options are limited in any way. We will give you some of the tips which will help you get the best outcome for your boy/girl nursery.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to decorating a mixed-gender nursery, it is best to take the minimalist viewpoint. With two babies in a single room, there is already a lot going on. To maintain the simplicity of the decor will save on space and leaves the room to appear uncluttered and dapper. You must avoid bold colour palettes and overtly stimulating patterns, and look for modest furnishing with clean lines. On another note, keep the number of toys at a minimum, and do not overexert on the accessories. Keep in mind, a simple space can be a beautiful one.

Mind the Hues

Aqua green, light gray, or aqua blue work correspondingly perfectly for both sexes. An equilibrium of feminine and masculine stripes with floral touch can also be a great look. Your journey may start with neutral colours such as beige, grey or white (much like the above photo comes which comes in grey and white colours). As For the walls, you may also opt for plain colours, prints or patterns and then complement the colour or prints as you go on. Bring the right amount of colours to accommodate and satisfy both your babies and to add appeal to the room without overstatement and excessive detracting colours.

Abandon the themes

A decorated canopy cot may not necessarily blend well with one shaped like a race car themed bed, so reconsider noticeable gender-based baby styles in a nursery shared by your boy and girl. Decorating in a straightforwardly classic style, free of gender-defining themes, will work more properly with both of your babies regardless of their gender, even more, important as they age into the room. You obviously want a design that will grow with your children and feel less restricted as they grow after a couple of years. Although, if you are one of those parents who are so big on the “unified” look, then you might opt for a one-wall print. It adds a thematic touch and less overpowering and limiting specific theme.    

Make it Personal 

Your babies’ might be small, but that does not mean they cannot have their signature style. While you want to create an inclusive look, there is no need for gender-ordinated everything. The more essential items, like cots, might match, but can innovate when it comes to different accents and accessories to give each infant’s space a personally tailored meaning. Also, you can try painting the nursery in a neutral tone with dissimilar accent colours for each child. When hunting the baby shops for accessories, aim for items that share at least one key component, like shape or colour. As long as you maintain some sense of symmetry, you are sure to have a gorgeous, well-harmonized space.