Scandinavians could create a trend that made a revolution in the furniture industry. Despite the past years their approach to furniture still continues to lead and be the favourite option of the people decorating their home. It is a not surprising fact. Because their way of furniture implementation was not done before. Furniture was an extra luxury that not everybody could afford. The access and price issue was not the only point. The core point in Scandinavian furniture was to increase the functionality and make from the items more than a decoration. As a result, Scandinavian style presents furniture models that occupy less space, store more amount of belongings and still looks attractive in the place. The most remarkable point is that Scandinavian furniture style takes into consideration every part at home. There are models for different rooms starting from a bedroom to hallways. Nurseries and kid's room are not an exclusion. Children need more than it can be thought. Therefore, designers of Scandinavian furniture created exclusive examples that little ones enjoy.

For creating furniture children it is not enough to think only about functionality. There are many more factors coming forward. First of all, comes the safety. Safety of the product itself is important. It should be made from safe materials that do not contain any risks for the health of little ones. Therefore, Scandinavian style opts for solid wood in the production of furniture for kids. Another safety issue is related to sleeping time. Children often move during their sleep and they need to be in a safer situation. Here, there is a different approach by Scandinavian practice. Maybe you have heard about Montessori parenting before. This system promotes giving independence to the kids from the early and supports their personal development. As a result, floor beds become the main direction of Scandinavian furniture for children. However, it was essential to make them attractive so kids will be willing to love and enjoy their surrounding. 

Scandi House bed is an amazing product for children making their bedroom a lovely and enjoyable place. It is a floor bed that they can get in and out anytime they want. These beds are attractive with their design. They appear in house frame, a shape that adds a fairytale atmosphere to the kid's room. Their minimalism is also an advantage. You can customize them as you wish. An alternative design to these kinds of beds is teepee beds. They are shaped in teepee form and also are highly customizable. These kids beds take less place, have a more attractive look and can be decorated. Our online store is a perfect place where you can find house beds and teepee beds for kids in various sizes, designs, and colours. You can be sure that our products are made from safe materials and do not contain any risks for your little ones. We take care of your budget as well. The affordable prices will make you happy and satisfied.