Nowadays interiors in pastel colours, arranged in French style are very fashionable.  They will suit both a girl and a boy. Where to buy romantic pieces of furniture and how to decorate your child’s room in such a way?

The environment in which a child spends the very first months of his life has a huge impact on him and his health. Colours of the walls or pieces of furniture (cot bed)  affect child’s mood, temperature sensation, they may also, to some extent, shape his temper. This is because many of the features and functions of the human organism, such as sleep, food digestion rate, psychological functions, are regulated by the pituitary gland, a gland that is very sensitive to light and visual stimuli. Psychological experiments have shown that many children feel best when they are surrounded by peaceful colours, with a warm, friendly tone. An infant  is calmer and easier to fall asleep when he is surrounded by bright and fuzzy colours - delicate pink, blue, white, ecru, or different shades of beige. The colour white calms emotions, blue gives peace and contentment, helps you fall asleep, pink helps us focus, calm down, it reinforces a sense of security.

Daisy Baby Room Furniture
Therefore, when arranging a room for a child, you might want to stick to quiet and romantic convention. All the more that furniture or decorations arranged in such a style can be easily bought at very attractive prices.

What else should we pay our attention to when arranging a child’s room?  Besides choosing colours and appropriate flooring, the selection of appropriate furniture for the nursery room is significant too.
When choosing furniture, consider the sex of the baby in order to choose the appropriate forms and shapes of it. Remember that the cabinet or wooden trunk for toys can serve not only the infant but also a bigger child or a teenager. In addition to the design and colours, a very important factor is the safety of your child.

Nice Nursery Furniture

Make sure the cabinets and high furniture have an anti-fall protection, cabinets have a soft close system that will protect children from trapping their fingers, and other furniture pieces have rounded corners.  Ask for paints and varnishes used in furniture manufacture. It is important that varnishes were resistant to UV rays, were able to harden wood but above all they must be non-toxic and baby-friendly.
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