Reinvent your Home with Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian design signifies a design philosophy that revolves around simplicity, functionality and clean lines. According to this design principle, one must be in harmony with their environment, and items should be built to last rather than be changed. To balance the art of living well, the design philosophy advocates a simple home environment that enhances a creative lifestyle. We would love to take you on a trip to discover the Scandi interior design tricks. Numerous characteristics define Scandinavian style, such as: 

1. Floors

 Wall to wall carpets has never been a popular choice in Scandinavian countries. Interiors usually have wooden floors, mostly hardwood with light tone, in all rooms except the bathrooms. When rugs are used, they are typically limited to area rugs. In case you have darker wood, all you need to do is use sanding or re-oiling them.

2. Walls

Another common feature of Scandinavian interior design is white walls. White walls prove themselves well to the typical minimalist look that is so prevalent in Scandinavian design, and they make for a great canvas that you can add art pieces, wall-shelves lamp. They also lighten up the space and allow as much natural light to enter your home, which is adored by the Scandinavians since they deal with long dark hours in winter.

3. Neural colours

Neutrals are your best friend. The main colours you will see in Scandinavian interiors are light grey, white and beige, you can also add pink to the fold. Stick with only one or two statement colours and leave the rest neutral. For example, you may invest in a white Scandinavian sofa and beige wall rugs. This idea might be intimidating, but you can go all out and have all-white furniture. All what you must remember is to keep it simple and neutral.

4. Lighting

We have already mentioned that lighting is a stable ingredient in the Scandi recipe. Since Nordic countries deal with extended period of darkness in winter they appreciate the extra light in their homes. They usually favour hanging lamps over ceiling spotlight fixtures and like to spread various candles and lamps all over their living space to diffuse the light. Nothing better than natural light, so do all you can to make your room is spacious and filled with light.  Make sure you do not have furniture items obstructing your windows.

5. Furniture

Mid-century modern designs are found all over in Nordic homes. This pieces type of furniture is the ideal Scandi furniture. If designer pieces are out of your budget, you will find a great collection of mid-century modern influenced pieces in online shops. You will find all the Scandinavian furniture items you may desire from modern living room cabinets to Scandinavian TV unit with wooden legs. If there is one piece of furniture almost guaranteed to be found in Scandinavian homes, it is the white sofa. The most loved budget-friendly white sofas are the embodiment of the Nordic home décor. 

6. Go green

Eco-living has been a prominent feature of the Nordic culture for generations. From wall and roof installation to keeping greenery at home.  It is a rare sight to see a Scandinavian interior without an indoor plant. Perhaps it is due to the climate or it is simply their appreciation of nature.

7. Practicality and comfort

One of the essential principles of Scandinavian design is that objects should be practical and make our lives better, which has deep philosophy to it. It ranks as function top priority while not compromising beauty, style and form. Moreover, Scandinavian design is characterized by comfort that by you create a home that can be enjoyed by family and loved ones; This Scandi style combines warmth, pleasure and enjoyment effortlessly.

8. Simplicity

Finally yet importantly, Scandinavian design welcomes simplicity, and its furniture pieces is categorized by sleek chic forms, and clean minimalist lines with soft furnishings.  The key is moderation, all what you must do is to avoid cluttering and not being afraid to keep your room slightly empty.

There you have it, we have listed most of the common traits found in Scandinavian interior design from floor options to furniture preferences. There is one basic principle that you need to follow to get the perfect Scandi home- stick to the minimalist approach.