The practice of co-sleeping is popular in many cultures around the world. However, in some Western cultures, it is controversial. This is the reason for making the topic highly discussable among experts. There are supporters of both sides with strong arguments. People who support co-sleeping thinks that children at a very small age should be in parents' bed. Many professionals think that bed sharing builds a stronger bond between parent and child. On the other side, the rest child development experts worry about the risks of co-sleeping. They think it is unsafe and needs to be practised with great carefulness.

Source: Sheknows

There is another important point to mention. The term co-sleeping can be understood in several meanings. There are several types of co-sleeping like bed sharing, sofa co-sleeping, room sharing. It is essential to know the differences. If the co-sleeping term is used for room sharing, it will wrong to intend that it is dangerous for children's life. Studies show that room sharing is a good way of co-sleeping and reduce the risks by one half. You can simply place a cot bed in your bedroom and be close to your child. Another form is bed sharing. It can both safe or unsafe depending on the created condition. When it comes to couch co-sleeping, it is not recommended due to the possible dangers like being pressed against the back of the sofa by an adult or be flipped face down in the pillows.

After all the studies, researches, and statistics we can observe that the supporters of both sides present evidence showing positive and negative sides of co-sleeping. So let's examine them. As we mentioned before, some experts support the idea that co-sleeping strengthens an emotional attachment between child and parent. Another fact is more advantageous for parents. They sleep with less anxiety and better during co-sleep simply because they do not wake for checking their child sleeping in another place. Little ones take a good sleep as well since they feel safe next to parents.

Some believed cons about the co-sleeping make it essential to think about co-sleeping carefully. It can lead to children to be very dependent on parents at night. They start sometime require full involvement of parents for both nighttime and daytime sleeping. It can be hard to separate them in the future. Co-sleeping might distract parents' sleeping as well. The fear of rolling onto their little one will lead to disturbed sleeping that will have a bad effect on their daily life. When it comes to emotional and psychological advantages of sleeping together, it has not been scientifically proved yet.

Consequently, it is your choice to go for co-sleeping or not. You can try and see if it works for your family or not. The most important issue is to organise it maximally safe. Bed sharing can be a good idea when opting for a floor bed. Family size floor bed will give you a wide surface to sleep with your baby. The most beneficial point about them is that you will not worry that your little one can roll out of the bed. A small height from the floor will not carry any risks for the safety of your child.