Children spend a lot of time in their room. It is essential to create for them an exciting, entertaining, and joyful atmosphere. Some parent struggle with their child's sleeping issue. Little ones are not willing to go to bed when it is sleeping time and want to play more. Therefore, parents need to give a stimulus for them to go to bed. Their bed needs to be attractive to them. Designers delivered a great solution like playhouse beds. They add an adventurous atmosphere to the room and make kids to love the time spent in their rooms. Playhouse beds help to boost the imagination of your kids with their unique and playful style. These beds come in various designs, shapes, and sizes.


One of such designs is a loft bed in treehouse shape. Your kid will feel like climbing to a tree house while using the ladder to go up. Their structure and cut out windows alive the real treehouse effect. Some models of treehouse beds come as modern bunk bed providing with an additional sleeping place making it great for siblings room. It is ideal also if your kid often has sleepover friends. Other models mainly are a loft bed structured. You can use the space under it as storage like cabin beds by adding a chest of drawers.


Source: Homedit

Canopy beds give you freedom in customisation. One of the most creative solutions is a tent cover. Some of them have a lift-up flap giving a real tent ambience. Children enjoy canopy tent beds a lot. It is possible to make them more attractive to the interior lights that provide camping effect in the bedroom. Some models come with like a trundle bed with an extra pull-out bed for the sleepovers.


Source: Mathy by Bols

Another remarkable design is also related somehow with nature and travelling. Such beds come as a caravan bed. They look cute in the room with their simple, but unique design. It is possible to find caravan beds in different colours that means you can easily adjust one to the style of your kid's room. The cut-out windows let the light to come through the bed.


Source: Mathy by Bols

Some playhouse beds go beyond the minimalistic style. However, they still continue to amaze. Castle playhouse beds are one of them. Although they occupy a large place in the kid's room still, they are very pleasant with delightful look and functionalities. Some models include stair to go up and a slide to come down. Such beds are excellent for playing and sleeping. Entertainment is not the only advantage of them. They provide with storage as well to keep the goods of your kid.


Source: Pixelmousse

Does not matter which playhouse bed you choose a treehouse one or montessori wooden bed, ensure that they are made from safe materials and does not present any risk for the health of your little one. Besides that, these beds are amazing with their both bedtime and playtime options. Kids are having extreme fun in such beds, while parents are pleased with the delightful look they add to the kid's room. MrHousey will a right address to look for such playful beds. We present unique kid's beds at our online store. You can be sure that all our products are of high quality and made from safe materials.