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After the third year, toddlers become too grown up to sleep in a baby cot. It is time to choose a new sleeping place where your little one will feel comfortable and pleasant to have a healthy sleep all night long. A perfect bed for 3-year-old should combine comfort, functionality, safety as well as an attractive look. There are a lot of varieties out there. Therefore, we prepared a guide to make the process easier for you.

The size of the children's bed
So, let's start with the size of the kids bed - what will be best for a child aged 3? You can find bed sizes like 140 × 70 cm, toddler bed 160x80 mattress size, 190 × 80 cm, 200 × 120 cm. If you are willing to use the bed for long period, it will be better to opt for the larger size (minimum 160/80). As a result, you will not need to replace the bed often as your toddler grows with rapid speed.

Bed material
The materials is another important issue. Wooden kids bed appears as the most loved and opted option. The beds that are made of natural wood are highly durable and solid. They are fashionable and good-looking as well. It is possible to buy wooden house beds for children in natural colour or choose a more fancy option according to your taste. We have several colour options that are totally safe for your little one. You can find in the market different wood-based or plastic made options as well. However, they are not recommended due to questionable quality and risky components used in the production.

Safety of a child's bed
By saying safety, we mean both the construction of the bed and the materials. Children's beds made from wood have to be perfectly polished, resistant to damage and have a solid system of joints. We recommend beds with short or without legs. House beds are doing perfectly in this case. Some models of these beds offer protective barriers as well to prevent falls. It is possible to remove them once your toddler is older to make easy access to the bed.

Bed functionality
The functionality is essential for a bed as well. It should provide more than just a comfortable sleep. It needs to be a place to play. Some models have even more features offering storage possibility.

Comfort of the bed
You can not dismiss the comfort. Therefore, showing a delicate approach for choosing a mattress is a must. The size of the mattress needs to perfectly match the bed. There should not be any gaps. The materials used in the production of mattress must be. Materials like thermoelastic foam or highly elastic foam are highly beneficial. They totally support the body of your little one according to the anatomical structure. As a result, your child gets excellent comfort and proper sleep for healthy development.

Aesthetics of the bed
Your child's room needs to have a pleasant look. It helps to boost the imaginations and create a convenient atmosphere for their development. The latest trends highlight the beauty of the house bed. Inspired by Scandinavian style, they deliver a nice contrast of modern and traditional vibes with different colour effects. You can check and find the best one for your toddler's room at our online store.

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