Nursery decorating ideas for your cot bed and more!

When you’re welcoming a little one into your family, naturally you’ll want to create the perfect haven for your bundle of joy to rest, relax and discover the world in. Read on for some great tips on choosing the best nursery furniture set for your needs, and how to decorate to make it just right. 

Keep the cot plain and play with colour around the room

Your cot bed will, of course, be one of the most important features in your nursery, and you may prefer to keep it plain, to make it a calming space for baby. However, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the room has to stay bland!

Why not embrace a bright and colourful with bold prints and brightly coloured walls? Try an accent wall featuring fun and eye-catching print to bring a playful touch, while a complementing colour for the rest of the wall space can help bring the room together. Wallpaper can also be a great alternative – bold, geometric prints can work well in a nursery and add a lovely feeling of energy to the space. 

Try a neutral soothing touch

Natural tones create an instantly soothing feel and are a perfect choice for nursery furniture sets decorating. They’re also great if you’re keeping the gender of your baby a surprise, and can easily be customised with colourful touches later on.

Try a white baby cot or a grey cot, with cream or white surroundings. Light, natural wood coloured accessories and furnishing can be a great complement, and soft, tactile fabrics bring an extra touch of comfort. 

Pinks and blues with a twist

Love the idea of a traditional pink or blue nursery, but want to keep things fresh and modern? Make your nursery inviting and inspiring, by trying a different take on these colours.

A great way to prevent pink or blue décor from feeling too cliché is by experimenting with different hues – complement a pink nursery cot with tones of blush, rose gold and subtle metallic finishes to keep a feminine feel, without becoming cloying. Or if you’re planning a blue nursery, try softening the hues with muted pastel shades instead. 

Have fun!

Get creative when it comes to nursery décor – you’ll want to create a room that’s stimulating and engaging for young, curious minds! Feature walls can be a great way to introduce colours, shapes and patterns – and you can be as adventurous as you like.

Wall decals can be an easy and effective way of adding an interesting shape or pattern to your room – try a natural landscape or famous landmarks from around the world! Or for a more artful take, create a feature wall with lovely unique artwork and prints – combining typography, calming images and favourite animals and portraits.

How will you choose to decorate your perfect nursery? Will you keep it gender neutral or do you like to go all out? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!