If you need a sofa for large living room or you have got large family and you love watching the movies or favourite TV shows together then you should definitely have a look at our new range of 4 seater sofas.

We used to have only one sofa matching the four seat dimensions (Straton), but due to high demand and loads of questions for 4 seaters we decided to increase our 4 seater range with couple new products.


Our Favourite is Bellagio 4 seat sofa. It is large sofa with changeable cover. It is large sofa with total dimensions (W)297 x (H)65 x (D)122 cm. It looks very modern but thanks to its timeless and minimalistic design it matches to modern as well as traditional living rooms.

 It is very comfortable. We must mention that this sofa is one of best seller in France where we supply that to the furniture shops. We are happy that choosy French customers appreciated the design and quality four seat sofa.


Apart from best quality materials and design the sofa features great price. If you look quality EU made 4 seater sofa  then you should definitely consider Bellagio.


 If for some reason Bellagio doesn't suit you please visit Four Seat Sofa category page or contact our team. We will help you choose perfect sofa for your interior.