The Scandinavian design is popular worldwide. Most of the modern furniture manufacturers try to follow this trend. We as a team of MrHousey also among the admirers of this style. Now, we are proud to announce that our work did not stay unrecognized. Our hard work showed in house beds modelling for kids received positive responses. And now we are invited to be part of the world's longest running exhibition. The Ideal Home Show is dedicated to the home facilities. You can explore there everything related to the home from interior design to the garden shows.

House beds are going to save their status and continue to be trendy in 2019 as well. Their lovely design inspired by the Scandinavian minimalism matches perfectly with the most kid's rooms. They are capable to add a lovely look and create a comfortable sleeping place providing freedom to move. Another reason why they become so popular is the increasing status of the Montessori method among parents. These beds perfectly implement the practice and support children's independent development.

The main secret of our success is that we believe in what we do. We do believe in the Montessori method and the beauty of Scandinavian inspired furniture style. We ensure that they made from absolutely safe materials. Moreover, we do listen to the customers and take into consideration their wishes as well in the production. Our products are highly competitive with affordable prices and fast dispatching times.

Do not miss the opportunity to see our models and many more by visiting The Ideal Home Show 2019 from 22nd of March to the 7th of April in London (venue: Olympia London).