We would like to share with you our latest improvements in MrHousey logistics system. We have always paid highest attention to delivery service. It is part of our philosophy to offer our customers only quality product in best prices, but also to provide fast and safe delivery.

Due to significant increase of interest in our products and huge amount of orders we have experienced in last few months, in December 2015 we have faced a major problem with our logistics system. Our delivery service got blocked and we had some delays with deliveries promised to our customers.  We have been very sorry for that situation and letting some of you down. However we have offered compensations to all delays.

We have now acted as quick as possible to rearrange our furniture delivery process in order to overcome these kind of obstacles and failures in the future.

Therefore we are proud to announce that we have started now cooperation with one of furniture logistics market leaders and most experienced transport companies in UK !

Our new partner is XDP.

They have great knowledge and experience of fast and safe delivery of furniture. They have been cooperating with other large on-line shops like World Stores and Wayfair.

At the moment together we our new partner we offer either 1 man delivery (for flat packed furniture and smaller items) as well as 2 men deliver for the sofas or other large and heavy furniture pieces.

We have now started testing the new solution and or delivery services have already improved in recent weeks. The order flow has become running smoothly now. We believe that in nearest future the new logistics system will be fully efficient and delivery times satisfactory to all our customers. The impact is now on safe and punctual delivery service.

MrHousey is happy to cooperate with another great partner on the market and we promise next improvements to our services soon.