Those of us who are not naturally gifted in DIY or who simply don’t have the time to experiment, often shy away from self-assembly furniture. After all who wants to start building a piece only to make a mistake and have to start again. In addition it can often be difficult to assemble large pieces without assistance.

What’s more for those with limited experience of assembling this type of furniture it can be challenging to follow a manual, and take much more time take much more time than you initially imagine it will. Of course you could hire your own handyman, but it can difficult to know who to trust, to ensure you get the best service for the best possible price.

MrHousey want to help you. We know that reluctance to build flat pack furniture can mean that customers end up paying significantly more money, for a very similar end product. We want to prevent this happening to you.

We are therefore available to assist you in assembling your MrHousey furniture. We are determined to save you time and money, whilst delivering you with the very best product possible. Our rates are extremely attractive, and what’s better is that we are available to help at a time to suit you. So if you want help, whether it’s a weekday or weekend, in the evening or during the day we are here to assist.

Why not contact us to find out more, we can’t wait to make your furniture dreams a reality. 

Flat pack furniture assembly service is availble for London + 50 miles. If you live outside this area but interestet in our service please contac us for an individual quote. We believe we soon will be able to cover all the UK mainland post codes with our assembly service.