Buying sofa for your living room is always a big and never easy decision as well as one of the largest investments made in room decoration. There are different aspects that need to be considered.

The UK sofa market has much to offer. You have the choice between different sofa types and sizes.

However you are limited not only with the budget but also with your living room space and furnishings. You realize that adding a large sofa to the interior is a long term decision for you house decoration.

Should all these problems be too much for you, the modular sofa system could be the best solution.

Modular Corner Sofa 

Not sure what we are talking about? Modular sofa refers to a sofa that consists of at least two or three separate parts that may be assembled and disassembled to form different models.  This solution offers some important advantages that could make your life easier.

First of all, modular sofas provide great flexibility. Most system offer vast selection of modules in different sizes and types. You can combine them to create the item most suitable for your needs.

Later if you are not satisfied with current setting, you can freely change on how you want to arrange the sofa. With the modular sofa system you have an easy choice to rearrange the elements in your living room whenever you want.  

Also a modular corner sofa is easier solution than a standard corner sofa. With the other one you must do the decision about sofa’s orientation. But it is decision that cannot be changed. You either buy left corner sofa or right corner sofa. With the modular system you could swap it whenever you need.

 Modular Two Seater

Another important advantage of the modular sofas is that you have few separate piece of furniture instead of one large item. That makes a huge difference when you need to move or transport it. It is not only easier to fit the modular sofa element to your house through the main door. Also when you make dome cleaning or you have a renovation or just need to move the sofa to different room it is easier to carry than a large 4 seater sofa.

Last but not least advantage of the modular sofas system is that you can add or replace the single elements instead of changing the whole sofa. When you have just a small modular 2 seater, you can buy extra chaise lounge element to transform it into a modular corner sofa.

Another popular idea is to combine the sofa elements in different colours or even fabrics. That could give extra charm to your new sofa.

MrHousey offers different modular sofa system. The most popular Noxx sofa gives you plenty of opportunities and is suitable solution for both small as well as large interiors. The simple design suits either traditional or modern set ups.

Please check also our brand new Cube modular sofa system which should be our bestseller in 2016.

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