Mixing Styles: Vintage and Modern Under One Roof

Love the warmth and history of vintage pieces, but still want to keep the clean, sharp feel of a modern design theme? There’s no reason why you can’t have the best of both worlds.

The key to making these seemingly opposite styles, however, is knowing how to find areas that complement each other perfectly. So read on for some great tips on mixing vintage and modern décor in the same space.

Transform your vintage pieces with a makeover

If you’ve found some great vintage bargains that don’t quite fit into your contemporary space, one way to make them work well is by giving them a little makeover.

A lick of fresh paint can work wonders – transform dusty dressers and archaic looking desks into a quirky talking point, by repainting them in a bold, modern shade to fit in with the rest of your theme. Painting these beautifully designed pieces in an accent colour can help them stand out in the best way possible – while still fitting in wonderfully with the rest of your room.

Another quick way to transform your vintage pieces is with a touch of accessories. Bright, ethnic printed cushions or rugs can help tie in a traditional sofa bed or leather armchair, adding a touch of the extraordinary.

Pair old and new together

Re-think your use of furniture and break out of the mould, by combining modern and traditional pieces together for the same use.

A great way to put this into action is by pairing a vintage table with sleeker, modern chairs. Choose colours and styles that contrast well – a dark wooden table offsets burnished gold or faded metallic chairs perfectly. Complete the look with a touch of softness – small throws or fluffy chair cushions in a neutral shade to bring everything together.

Add an edge of contrast

If the main theme of your space is taking a traditional angle, but you’d like to liven it up with a sleeker, more modern feel – trying adding a subtle edge of style to contrast just a little.

Lighting is a fantastic way to play with different themes, without creating an overwhelming sense of contrast. Clean, industrial-looking lighting fixtures can work effectively in bright and open spaces when paired with traditional furnishing in calm and neutral hues.

Make it the centre of attention

Pairing vintage with modern doesn’t always have to mean trying to blend the two seamlessly – sometimes it can be much more striking when you let one piece really take centre stage.

Whether it’s vintage or modern, choose a key item that is particularly striking, and let it stand out. It might be a bold, indulgent antique leather armchair, or a stunning oversized industrial lamp. To really let these pieces pop out, keep the rest of the space neutral and minimal while using subtle accents throughout to keep a sense of cohesiveness.

Do you prefer vintage or modern décor, or do you love to combine the two? Tell us what you think!

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