Buy Modern Nursery Furniture

Like all room decoration concepts, there are also different styles for nursery furniture. In most on-line shops you can find wide selection of nursery furniture sets with various designs, shapes and colours.

One of the most popular trends in UK for baby room furniture nowadays is Mediterranean nursery design. The furniture is inspired with Southern Europe climate, architecture and fashions.

Mediterranean style nursery is often in bright colours with domination of white and mixture of pastel hues characteristic for Italian, French or Spanish design.

MrHousey offers two interesting ranges of Mediterranean nursery furniture.  Marbella and Nice are now available to buy on-line UK.

Each of the collections consists of different piece of furniture that is useful for baby room decoration. There are cot beds in various sizes, including 2 in 1 convertible cot bed that can be transformed into junior bed. Other necessary elements are chest of drawers with optional changing table to be placed on the top. When you need more space for storage, both Marbella and Nice nursery lines offers also spacious wardrobes in different variants (e.g. unique Marbella Large Nursery Wardrobe 4 Door or Nice Wardrobe in single or double size). The last but not lease piece of furniture for your baby room could be the bookcase.

Marbella nursery furniture named after famous city on Spanish Costa del Sol, popular destination for British holidays. If you have spent at least one summer time there, you must remember beautiful architecture of white houses in great harmony with the sea and blue sky. Marbella nursery furniture offers very similar perception. All elements are plain white and simple shape, just like houses at the seaside of the Spanish coast spa.

The other Mediterranean nursery furniture set available at MrHousey has been named after a city of French Riviera – Nice. The collection is characterized by unique design and shape. The elements like nursery wardrobes and bookcases have cabin roof structure inspired with the shape of beach cabins or seaside houses of Southern Europe. Another extra factor are the small plates on the furniture with French words connected with seaside:  La Mer (the sea), La Plage (the beach) , Le Soleil (the sun)

If you are looking for unique nursery decoration that offers warmth and comfort and is suitable for both baby girl or baby boy room.