There are many points to consider while choosing the mattress. It should be safe, comfortable, and suit you the best. For the last one, it is essential to select the right size. As a result, you need to define the number of people sharing the mattress and think about their comfort. Some recommendations highly help to make the right choice. The length of the mattress should be at least 10 cm longer than the tallest user. When you put your hands under your head, your elbows should not touch the person sleeping nearby or the edges of the mattress. It is important to note that UK mattress sizes are different than European mattress size. We present you a size guide that will help you during the selection.

Toddler (70 cm x 140 cm / 2'6 x 4'8)

It is a unique size for the kids moving out of their cots. Ideally suits the little ones aged from 1 to 5 years old. Parents should ensure that the mattress perfectly fits the bed and leaves no gaps.

UK sizes:

2'6 Small single (75 cm x 190 cm / 2'6 x 6'3)

This size is best for young kids. You need to choose this option if you have a tight bed frame. Despite the slim size, it provides a comfortable sleeping surface for one person.

3'0 Single (90 cm x 190 cm / 3' x 6'3)

This standard UK single mattress size is a perfect option for one person.

4'0 Small double ( 120 cm x 190 cm / 4' x 6'3)

Ideally suits one person willing to sleep on wide surface comfortably. It is slightly narrower than the standard double size. It is an excellent option for couples owning small bedroom as well.

4'6 Double (135 cm x 190 cm / 4'6 x 6'3)

A perfect selection for couples. It is a standard UK double mattress size and is best for 2.

5'0 King size (150 cm x 200 cm / 5' x 6'6)

Despite being just a little wider and longer than the standard double, king size mattress gives much more space and provides pleasant sleep for 2 persons.

6'0 Superking size (180 cm x 200 cm / 6' x 6'6)

Such sized mattress gives an amazingly large sleeping surface for 2 persons. It is a beautiful selection for people valuing space. You have an excellent chance to spend playful family time in the mornings with your kids as well.

European sizes:

3'0 Euro single (90 cm x 200 cm / 3' x 6'6)

It is slightly longer than the standard UK single size while having the same width. An ideal option for bunk beds and perfectly suits single beds made by European manufacturers.

4'9 Euro double (140 cm x 200 cm / 4'9 x 6'6)

The mattress size for double beds made by European manufacturers. It is a great option for 2 persons and slightly longer and wider than standard UK double size.

5'3 Euro king (160 cm x 200 cm / 5'3 x 6'6)

This perfect selection for 2 people is for European king size beds. It has the same length like standard UK king size, however, is narrower.

Nowadays, the manufacturers and stores offer both the UK and European sizes. As a result, customers are free to choose the mattress they wish and have a pleasant sleep.