The living room is the lovely place of residents. They spend a lot of time here entertaining, resting, reading etc. You guest your visitors and have a nice chat in the living room as well. It is essential to care about the nice look of the interior. Even spending too much amount on furniture will not be enough if you will not care and apply right methods to maintain your interior. After some years everything loses its first newness. Furniture items like bookcases, TV stands are not touched and utilized often. However, it is not possible to say the same about the seating area. Sofas, armchairs tend to get spoiled earlier. Therefore, we collected some tips to help you in maintaining your living room items new and fresh for long years.

Source: Homestylediary

Flip and Fluff: Your sofa cushions are important. Show the same approach to them like to your mattresses. It is necessary to properly fluff and flip sofa cushions often.

Pet Proof: Pet lovers should be careful with their furniture at home. Owning a cat or dog should not be a risk for your furniture. Therefore, make sure that your pets know that living room is for humans only. Consider buying animal furniture for your pets to lower the risks.

Stain Proof: Stain is the most common issue especially for TV stands. Some of them can stay forever. There are various stain treatments that are highly effective. However, the best option that will both save your budget and ensure getting read of stains is to immediately clean and scrub.

Vacuum Regularly: Furniture with upholstery looks delightful. But it will need a double care. Living room furniture with upholstery will require to vacuum it regularly. Do it more often if you have at home kids, pets or smokers.

Annual Upholstery Cleaning: Regular cleaning with vacuum is necessary but still not enough to maintain the freshness. Therefore, dedicate some budget for annually cleaning your upholstery furniture in living room. It will help them last for long years.

Rotate Furniture: By rotating the furniture you will do something beneficial both for the flooring and furniture itself. Furniture might get damaged due to the constant direct sunlight. The occasional rotation will reduce and risk and help you to keep furniture's solid look.

No Crumbs Allowed: You bought furniture to use and enjoy it. There is no need to save the coffee table as the most important item around without enjoying its advantages. However, be careful while eating on your furniture. Clean the crumbs immediately and do not let them spread all over.

Keep the Manufacturer’s Tag: You should definitely keep the manufacturer's tag if your furniture came with it. First of all, it is one of the important elements of the warranty. Moreover, furniture tag can have significant pieces of information for cleaning that professional cleaners will require to refer to.


By applying the mentioned actions you will make sure that your living room furniture will keep its beautiful and fresh look for long years. Care and attention will be helpful for you to save your budget and avoid extra spendings.