London Lofts

Loft conversions are quickly becoming the new habitable space for the Londoners. The loft is a unique space that often has considerations to take into account that simply don’t exist in other rooms around the house – the principle of these is often its very shape.  Working around roof beams and slanted ceilings can be a very different challenge but also can be a great source of inspiration and a way to make a truly personal space.

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The first step in deciding how to decorate the loft is to decide what purpose you want it to serve.  For some homes, the loft conversion may be to provide an extra bedroom for one of the kids or as a playroom.  For others, it may be an oasis of calm and peace away from the rest of the house where work can be done or hobbies enjoyed.  It may just remain a storage space but one that can be easily and comfortably accessed with a few pieces of furniture to allow this.

If the purpose of the space is going to be a kid’s bedroom or playroom then they will no doubt have a lot of input in the decoration of the room.  One thing to remember is that while they may be wild about a certain cartoon character or pop star at the moment, this is likely to be for a finite period of time, so consider edging the décor to a way that can easily outlive the current craze.  Instead of using wallpaper with the character on, for example, why not use a plain or patterned paper and hang some prints that can be easily removed or substituted as favourites change?

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Many people also move the master bedroom to the loft for extra space.  This is where the slanted shape of the room can really come into its own and be made a feature of the room.  Consider papering one wall of the attic in a bold print and vanishing up some of the wooden beams across the roof while leaving the rest of the walls a neutral shade to complement it.  Place the head of the bed and matching bedside tables of a plain colour against the wall to finish the look.

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Any workspace will need a desk but why not consider making it a little less formal by introducing a great quality sofa to the room?  That way, you can relax in the space, share a glass of wine with your other half or even sit and read a book with the kids.  Again, making use of the wooden beams in the room is a great move, vanishing them a dark brown, with neutral walls. Add complementing brown furniture such as our low profile chocolate brown sofa that would coordinate with any desk and be a great spot to relax. 

By choosing a low sofa, this will mean you can fit it under the slanted area of the ceiling and sit in comfort. This beautiful sofa not only delivers a rustic look, but it also has a 10-year warranty on the frame. The great sturdy design will offer somewhere comfortable to sit, without you worrying about its welfare.

The only limit on what you do with your loft is the physical space available and your imagination.  Remember when getting your conversion done to ensure you have the right type of windows in place for safety but also to get plenty of light into the room and that you have the correct access from the floor below to comply with building regulations.