Everyone knows that the living room is the heart of the house. In it we receive guests, here we spend our evenings after work and in general, whenever possible, all our free time. The living room is the second most important place at home, after the bedroom, of course.

Unique Sideboard with massive storage

Any homeowner counts on the fact that his living room will not only be a comfortable and convenient place for gathering the whole family and receiving guests, but will also serve additional functions for example become a zone for the installation of a large storage system. Even a very modest living room can accommodate storage systems made in the form of open shelves and hanging cabinets, and in a spacious room you cannot limit the possibilities and install a full-fledged home library. The living room should be spacious, bright and cozy, be a home, a place for family gatherings, which means that there must be a minimum of furniture and a maximum space. But how to achieve this, when in the living room we usually store so many important things! Designers from all over the world are racking their brains to this day, trying to make the storage system in the living room more functional.

Unique Sideboard with massive storage

Wooden Cabinets & Display Cabinets

Wooden storage cabinets are a necessary part of a living room. Nowadays, people tend to decorate their living rooms with modern display cabinets, which can be very capacious piece of furniture. In addition, they look ultra-modern and make all the furniture in your living room be perfectly combined with each other. Without sideboards a living space risks looking empty and too much stripped off. They serve equally the role of a great storage and chic display cabinet. If you purchase a designer one with an exuberantly aesthetic appeal, they even boast of a gorgeous look and feel. When choosing good sideboards it is also important to opt for ones with quality materials that can accompany you for years. Besides the, so called, wooden varieties such as hardwood sideboards, oak sideboards or mahogany sideboards, you can also find an array of contemporary sideboards in all sorts of design and finishes.

modern storage from solid oak

Modern Sideboards & Cabinets Online

Wall Shelving Units

Another practical storage solution will be wall shelves and other modern and quality wall-shelving units, which make your living room look fully completed. Try to install your living room with beautiful handcrafted shelves made from solid wood with finishes that help preserve and protect the piece, so it will be long durable furniture in your living decoration. In addition, these practical shelves can store a lot of stuff, for example, books, pieces of décor, lamps, even toys of your little children and so on! MrHousey - Massive Selection of floating shelves and Shelving units

wooden top for the cupboard for more storage

Cabinet for the whole wall

The most logical solution for the layout of the closet in the living room is along the wall. But do not think that this decision is trite and ordinary. Not at all! If your wall is self-sufficient - you should not put a cabinet with a back wall there, enough shelves and racks. In this case, your wall will remain visible and this will help to maintain the integrity of the interior. Also, a rack without a backside visually enlarges the space. This will help add more air, space and light to your living room. Furniture in the living room simply has to be multifunctional and save space in the room. A comfortable, nice and functional solution will be soft bedside tables, arranged around the room, with internal drawers that fit for seating and for storing things. The same bedside table can be mounted in the windowsill, thereby making it wider. Under the curbstone there will be drawers for storing all kind of small things and a wide and soft windowsill will be an excellent place for taking some chill-out time, having a coffee or reading a book.

wall storage unit - MrHousey

Shelf as a partition

The rack without a back wall can also be installed in the middle of the room; here it will perfectly cope with the role of the partition, visually and functionally delimiting the living room space. Such a rack can be just a multifunctional element, and a bright design accent, attracting admiring glances. Buy Bookcases and shelving units online at MrHousey