Go back a couple of decades and it is fair to say that the armchair had well and truly gone out of fashion, destined for a life of antique fairs, the local tip or, if it was lucky, the home of a local up-cycling enthusiast who would look to make it into something that only the restorer themselves could love.

But fast forward to the here and now, and the armchair has well and truly become an iconic furniture piece once more, meaning that a home without one is quite simply, well, not a home!

So, once believed to be a cumbersome chair that was only preferred by an elderly relative who refused to let go of its charms, the armchair is now a must-have furniture piece whose size and style are perfect for those who really like to make an individual style statement in any room in the house.

Placed in a living room, an armchair can have two purposes. The first is to fit in with your sofa choice as part of the furniture, but the other is to be a distinctive, mismatched piece that makes a dominant focal point and adds an eclectic feel to the modern home. Where armchairs used to be monotone velvet or rough feeling material, now brightness of colour, vivid patterns and any material mean that this furniture piece can put the ‘wow’ into modern living.

Think you don’t need an armchair in the bedroom? Placed in the corner of the room, an armchair can be a highly useful piece when it comes to dressing, but is also quite a style feature, even if it is strewn with carefully placed clothing items. And for the modern nursery, the armchair provides a comfortable seat for feeding time at any time of day or night.

A seat in the hallway is one of those highly useful furniture items that once installed, you can’t imagine how you lived without it. Whether taking off shoes, simply taking the weight off your feet or celebrating reaching your home after a long, stressful journey, an armchair creates an immediate feeling of warmth and welcome.