Limited nursery space ideas.


Your little one is on the way, and you want to fill the baby bedroom with every imaginable must-have item that will meet both newborn needs and yours? This is the most exciting and special time, but let me guess...

There is a small problem with a... small nursery?

Don't panic, even if your nursery measures not enough feet by not enough feet, and no matter how long and hard you stare at this space, it’s not getting any bigger.

The truth is that decorating a small baby space only seem like a huge challenge. There are many ways to fit everything you need into a compact interior and we prove you that your dot really doesn’t need masses of baby furniture. Just establish some practical guidelines about what is truly essential, it is as simple as that. Be more practical and consider the fact that if there isn’t enough space for something, you probably don’t need it anyway.

When it comes to substantial pieces all you really need is a cot bed, a chest of drawers with changing table and a comfy chair. Maybe, when you think of all those baby essentials, clothes, tiny shoes, blankets, diapers and stuffed toys, it sounds crazy, but there are smart nursery sets that helps you to keep it under control. Even though babies accumulate unbelievable amount of stuff, before they are born, with a little creative you can pair all those baby necessities with limited storage space, with a great success.

There’s no need for magical intervention and no necessity to knock out the walls. Remember that babies don't need much space at first, just enough room for a crib and nursery dresser with a changing area. It is parents who wants to have a nursery with a big dresser, a capacious bookcase, an armchair, a toy box or a swing, but to keep it practical you have to prioritize the essentials. Think about what must go in the baby’s room and then determine what can fit elsewhere, like toy storage, books etc. With a bit of our support, careful planning and organizing, you can make the most of whatever space you have.

Probably, the baby’s bed will be the largest piece of furniture in the room. To make the interior feel more spacious and airy, it is better to choose the cot bed embellished by clean lines and simple design. Because of its sleek and neutral look, such contemporary furniture works best with limited square footage, creating a stylish modern nursery. The great example of successfully small-space adapted sets are Moonlight baby furniture and extra sensible Quality 3 in 1 Cot Bed set.

It is not easy to find a double-duty furniture, such as a convertible cot bed with bottom drawer and changing table that includes a chest of drawers or a super smart piece with built-in storage beneath and on the side + clever changing station. Don't you agree that it is a smart buy when the baby furniture takes up the space of one item but serves the functionality of two or even three?!

It seems that when comes to getting the most function per square inch, it pays to think outside the box. Careful space planning is the basic rule when it comes to a short space kids room. When growing up they need more room to spread out, but a little creative thinking can really go a long way in stretching the space.

Naturally there's never enough storage and it is doubly needed in a small space, so double or triple duty furniture are more than welcome. The space under the cot is often forgotten and unused, but we believe that it makes a perfect storage to keep essentials, extra diapers, bedding or some toys.

Another brilliant way to add some extra storage is to use a nursery dresser as a change table. The top drawer can hold all your changing table needs and the other drawers are then free for other stuff like clothes and toys.

Additionally, the modern nursery sets are not only usable but looks really amazing! Just remember about one thing. Even the most beautiful pieces, when do not offer storage, will not make any use in limited space! Always pay attention to a practical side and to get the best possible results, buy nursery furniture online uk, because there is no other place with such a wide variety of choice.

Let's do not forget about the decorating tricks, when arranging the nursery in a way to experience the room larger than it really is.

- First of all, do not overwhelm already tiny interior with too many ornaments, toys and gadgets. Keep it modern, functional, esthetic and let your child to sleep soundly in a calm environment.

- Painting the room remember that horizontal stripes on the floor or walls create the illusion of greater width.

- You can visually recede the wanted wall by painting it with a darker color than the rest.

- The ceiling look higher if you will extend the wall color onto it. You can also hang the curtains a few inches below the crown molding.

Summarizing, the small rooms can make a great deal and it is all about your perspective. Instead of getting discouraged by alleged limited possibilities, take the challenge and cooperate with its compactness. You have endless possibilities to create a comfy and happy living space for your beloved baby.