A living room is an essential part of our homes delivering relaxation and entertainment to us. It leads to a careful approach during the planning of the room. The room should hold multifunctioning amenities and storage capacity. All these details make the place a perfect room with lovely and livable attractions. However, this is the room for everyone. Your baby after growing a little will also be an often resident of this place. Therefore, every family member's requirements should be considered.


The living rooms need to have a comfortable seating area to relax. A beautifully designed sofa and armchair set might perfectly complete the mission. It will be essential to make their design match to the whole interior of the living room starting from the walls finishing in the colour of curtains. If you already have a kid, so you should consider them during the selection of these items. Kids love to play, jump and climb a lot. Keep in mind that your seating furniture might suffer from it a lot. Therefore, try to pick resistant furniture. You can use slipcovers as well to keep your sofa safe and clean and wash them whenever needed. It is also possible to additionally decorate them and create a serene space by some pillows and stashing throws.

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A coffee table is a handy and favourite item for a living room. Many parents experienced to see their child falling or near-missing the corner of the table, and this is what makes them worry. You can create a safer environment by opting a round table, pouffes or upholstered ottoman instead of a rectangular coffee table with angles.  Almost every parent has had the experience of watching their toddler fall, or near-miss the corner of a coffee table. To create a safer environment, consider using a round table, upholstered ottoman, or a few pouffes in place of a traditional rectangular coffee table.

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Storage is another significant point in the room. It is recommended to show vertical approach while organising it to satisfy both parents and kids. You cannot stuff the room with various storage items. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are great to accommodate the goods along one wall. The lower shelves and cabinets will be ideal for your kid to store the toys, while the upper ones will answer to your demands.

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There are a lot of additions details asides the primary ones. For example, the floors. It is hard to imagine family life without crumbs, dust, dirt, spills, etc. Therefore, choose easily washable and cleanable elements for flooring. The same rule applies to the walls as well. Kids are in love to express their drawing abilities. By picking a washable paint, you can kid-proof your walls. Buying a chalkboard or whiteboard might be another good solution. Your kid will have fun with freely writing and drawing, while your walls will stay clean. Accessories are also an essential part of every interior. If you like to organise a gallery wall, you can keep it kid-friendly by creating from artworks featuring both grown-up and kid examples. Moreover, you will need to place cherished collections and fragile decoration elements on the high levels of display cabinets or bookshelves.