The children's room is a very important place for every baby. Here he spends a lot of time - playing, sleeping, studying, painting and conceiving the first dreams. It is very necessary to equip the children's room so that the child is comfortable and happy to live in it. Here we are offering you a handful of interesting ideas for the children's room, which will help you to properly equip the space and create the ideal modern and cozy nursery for your little one.


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As you know, the perception of the world in children and adults is very different, and even in the design of the baby bedroom, their opinions often run up. Psychologists and designers are strongly advised to decorate the nursery according to the principles that stimulate the full development of crumbs. Some parents stubbornly glue the walls with wallpaper in a flower instead of depicting a storyline on it, buy a monophonic grey baby furniture instead of a colorful one with bright prints, and do not let the kid draw on the wallpaper, instead of hanging a huge easel and handing out the markers to the child. We suggest you look at some inspiring ideas for the children's room, which will help you design this room in a non-standard way, with a minimum of effort and financial resources. As a result, your child will be satisfied, and its development will flow more harmoniously.

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First of all, try to optimally use the space of the room. The nursery should fit all the necessary furniture, but there must be plenty of room for play. It is very useful to demarcate a room into zones - for play, sleep and study. In each zone, there should be certain furniture. In this case, you can even highlight these areas by color. For example, the walls in the sleep zone could be painted in a calm blue hue, in the study zone - in neutral green, and in the zone of games - in brighter, cheerful shades.

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Furniture for the children's room should instill the filling of safety, and be durable and compact at the same time. Since children grow very fast, it might be a good idea to choose an adjustable furniture. For example, a chair or a rack with adjustable height, and convertible cot bed - with a variable length. There should be very good lighting installed in the children's room, both natural and artificial - large windows, easily open curtains, bright lights, sconces and floor lamps.

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The room should not have dark corners, and the lighting should not be obtrusive. Therefore, try to avoid daylight lamps and choose yellowish lamps. The switch must be at a child's height. Next to the crib, hang a night light, put a table lamp on the desktop, and remember that the upper light should be lit during playtime. It is very important to think over the color solution of the nursery. The wallpaper should not be too bright, or in dark or aggressive colors. Ideal for a bright wallpaper with small bright spots and pictures. Neutral wallpaper is also good, against which background children's paintings, posters, watches and other bright ornaments will look good. Bed linen and curtains for children could sport fairy motives, cartoon characters and interesting drawings.


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To make the children's room not just comfortable and safe, but also interesting for the baby, consider the following ideas.

  • As you might have already found out yourself, kids like to paint on the walls. To prevent this, build a special screen-easel for him and put it in a convenient place. Now that the child wants to paint, she will not mess up the wallpaper, but embody her creative imagination on the easel.
  • If you want your children to sleep soundly at night, make their sleep more interesting. For example, hang an airy soft cloud at the head of the bed. In order to do this, you need a small MDF board, painted in blue. It can be mounted at the head of the bed and have a white pillow in the form of a cloud attached to it.

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  • To awaken the craving for knowledge in first-graders, you can hang a small school board made of plywood and painted with dark paint. With the help of such a board the child will be able to learn the lessons playfully.
  • If dad has decent DIY skills, he can make an original desk for his child. To do this, you need a plate for the countertop and some material for unusual legs. For example, you can cut out the legs from wood boards and give them the shape of letters - the initials of the child's name. The letters should be painted with bright paint and fastened with screws.
  • Fans of handcrafts can also build beautiful, colorful boxes on wheels for their little ones. Children can put their toys and other "treasures" in them.

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  • The central heating battery in the children's room is best covered with a decorative screen, filling it with bright colors.
  • A good mat, woven from multi-colored scraps, will look great on the floor.
  • And on the walls you can hang colorful panels with fairy-tale characters.

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