Kid's rooms require a highly delicate approach to design. Parents are trying to plan a stylish room for their children as well. Industrial style is one of the latest trends. It is an interior design inspired by old factories and industrial spaces that were transformed into living places in recent years. Therefore, rooms with industrial design include details reminding a warehouse. Lately, the model reached to kid's room trends. We decided to take a tour and give you some recommendations on how to decorate the kid's room in an industrial style.

Let's starts with the colours. A natural colour palette is the most commonly used. Neutral and rustic tones are the right options to create the industrial atmosphere. A mixture of grey tones with white is one of the most optimal alternatives. Usually, in industrially designed accommodations the floor is with polished concrete. However, since it is a kid room we highly recommend to use timber flooring to achieve the industrial style.

When it comes to the lighting, consider adding pendant lamps instead of chandeliers. You can include some freestanding floor lamps with a metal finish as well. However, never forget about the natural light that is necessary for kid's bedroom.

Undoubtedly, the most significant part of the kid's bedroom is the furniture and decor. Consider a bed with canopy. Such beds remind metal constructions and emphasize the idea of style. Some of such beds include storage solutions giving the privilege to keep personal goods. It is easy to design a room in the industrial design for the twins or siblings as well. The bunk bed will be an ideal solution to organize a functional room for your children. Both of your children will have a comfortable place to sleep and rest, while the industrial design of the bunk bed will complete the entire atmosphere in the room.

The main rule in the industrial style is to have a detail or element remind of the theme in almost every item in the room. Therefore, when you add a shelf to the room consider it to match the design. You can select an open-shelf to emphasize the industrial surrounding in the kid's room. Metal additions on it will be more supportive. Remember that your kids will need a place to study. Industrial kids desk will be their best friend in this educational road.

The style gives so many opportunities that you can always have do some creative additions. Take advantage of the walls by hanging abstract art. Accessories are also an excellent alternative. You can use exclusive metal overlays for the furniture items to stress the style. However, there are some details you should consider before designing a kid's room in industrial design. Organizing kid-proofed environment is necessary. If you have in the room items with metal, ensure that they are entirely non-harmful and have no rust.

Overall, designing the kid's room in an industrial style is a modern and creative way to decorate the kid's room. MrHousey presents you a fantastic industrial kids furniture collection by the innovative furniture designer and manufacturer Vox Furniture. You have a chance to bring the trendy style to your children's room and please them with the stylish items. The products of this Polish manufacturer are of high quality and made from entirely safe materials.