How to choose a perfect TV Stand

A TV stand is a common feature in living rooms, entrainment room and family room; however, TV stands are not a recurrent purchase, so it can be difficult to pick the perfect media unit. Buying a TV stand is a delicate endeavour. You have the TV of your dreams, but now you need a place it. There are different TV cabinets to match almost any type of home décor. Before choosing a TV unit, Learn all the details you need to know about TV stands before you shop to ensure that you made a well-informed decision. We will be thrilled to assist you in finding out the best fit for you with some tips on how to pick the right one.

Consider the place

The TV stand has harmonized well with the décor and style of the room in where it will be placed. For example, if it viewed from the living room, its style needs to match the colour scheme that coordinates with living room furniture. Let us say that you are keen on the Scandinavian décor; then you should complement that with a Scandinavian TV stand, as simple as that. If the room features a contemporary style, then a modern TV cabinet will fulfil the job beautifully. On the other hand, wooden stands go well in a classic room setting. You should also consider the room’s size. This will help you determine what type of TV furniture you will choose.


TV’s measurements differ immensely from TV stand’s measurements. This may make picking a proper stand quite a challenging task. Mainly, the stand must be able to house and steadily support your TV. It should also allow space for other components such as power cables, DVD player and gaming consoles. When it comes to the stand’s height, the centre of the TV screen should be on the same level of your eyesight while seating. Buying a stand that is higher or lower will defeat the purpose, as it will hinder the viewing angle. Take the measurements by using a tape measure or you may simply refer to the TV’s user manual.


Popular types of TV stands include TV units with media storage, TV cabinets and TV hutches. TV stands with media storage provide ample storage space for other items, such as gaming consoles, cable boxes, and DVD players. This type of stands allows you to keep the place de-cluttered and organized with style. Primarily, the functionality of the stand is the aim that you should opt for, and then you can pay attention to its appearance.


Metal and wood are the common TV stand materials of choice. Wooden media units bring about a more rustic flair to a home, while metal TV cabinets match well in the modern setting. Woods used in TV furniture are, mostly are hardwoods, including Pine, maple, oak, and mahogany, and the wide variety gives the freedom to choose the one that fits your style and budget. Metal TV stands often have a chrome finish to improve their appearance and usually, they are lighter than wooden stands. Metal TV stands fit perfectly with the modern and retro décor. Also High Gloss TV stands and media units are getting more popular.

Bounce features

Door glasses, shelves and drawers are all usual extras that you can find in some, yet not all, TV units. Whichever you choose, ensure that you have enough space for every device. You can place your entire media components in your TV stand’s media centre, that is a good advantage. Adjustable shelves are useful if you have items of various sizes that you want to store in your TV stand. TV stands with drawers and glass doors come in handy if you opt to keep items in the stand for display purposes or have extra storage. For TV units with glass doors, make sure that it is tempered glass, which is much sturdy than regular glass.

Briefly, we have pinpointed some of the measures that you may need to take when you opting to buy your TV stand. From the room, you need it into the extra features that you should consider. We hope that these types will guide you to acquire the perfect TV stand for your home.