Pink Velvet Sofa
Image source: Lulu & Georgia

If, like many fashion-conscious homeowners, you have developed a crush on velvet, you will be over the moon that it is on trend at the moment, experiencing a glorious comeback. Offered in many different colours, this soft, tactile fabric is very adaptable and can be used to create many different effects and moods in your home. Velvet is calm, elegant and luxurious. This interior design material is prominent in European-style themes, especially the French rustic style. Beyond the chic beauty of velvet, did you know that this material can also have a positive effect on your health? According to studies, soft textured fabrics such as velvet and silk are associated with feelings of cosiness and protection. These materials can also help one get better sleep and control your adrenaline

1. Go minimal

Use plush dark velvet furniture with colours such as dark blue to add an interesting element to a soft and minimal room scheme. Here, the lovely distinction between the clean white wall and rich blue velvet sofas works magnificently. The dark shade and extravagant texture add real depth and contrast to the plain space. Velvet is dominant in French-inspired interior designs and then found its way to the UK and the world at large. For the upcoming year, turn your living room into an electric Parisian space. A single item of velvet furniture can lift the style of your entire living space. A dark blue velvet sofa can serve as the focal point of your interior design. Velvet is a rich fabric that looks extravagant and adds texture to a room. You can have any piece of furniture from a 3-seater velvet grey sofa to loveseats or corners in velvet. 

2. Add with caution

If you do not want to commit yourself to a large piece of velvet furniture, you could add a couple of smaller elements to your living space. For example, you can place velvet chairs, in contrasting colours and textures, against plain white walls to add a touch of elegance to the space. The look is simple yet enchanting. If you want a fresh look without buying all new furniture, pillows and throws are a practical addition. You can completely change the look of your living room by adding a warm velvet throw with paired pillows on your loveseat or 3-seater sofa. For the living room, blues are popular. Dark colours contrast best with bright furniture, so if you really want an exceptional winter look, throw a bold, velvety pillow and blanket on top of your neutrals.

3. Get a statement piece of furniture

The simple beauty of this trend is that it can make a grand, stylish statement with very minimal effort on your part. Velvet has a naturally luxurious and cosy feel, making it an ideal choice for your sofa. Presenting both style and comfort in equal measures, its soft finish is perfect for huddling and warms all your senses.

Opting for a significant piece of velvet furniture, like this gorgeous example, will contribute intrigue without the need to spend unnecessary amounts of money, time, or thought on extra decor. And it looks especially beautiful in jewel tones, which just so happen to be on trend this season. If you want to make a statement, go bold with a beautiful coloured finish. Coloured velvet will add a wow-factor to a room, whether you choose a subtle pastel hue or a rich jewel tone.

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