Whilst we all want our homes to have an enviable look that reflects our taste in décor, for most of us, affording the services of an interior designer are beyond our reach. But by following some clever tricks of the trade, you can create designs in your home that enhance your environment, increase space and turn your house into your very own palace.

-        The colder seasons are all about creating a feeling of warmth. If your home has wooden floors, rugs create an instant feeling of softness underfoot as well as giving you the opportunity to add Autumn/Winter tones such as oranges, browns and reds into your décor look. Whether it is a runner in a hallway or fluffy rug in a bedroom, it is all about making your living space appear cosier with a definite feeling of Hygge.

-        With the current trend for open-plan living, clever placing and use of furniture can help create a sense of divide so that spaces still have a feeling of purpose. Consider a L-shaped sofa facing a focal point such as a TV or a half-height trellis panel with open metal or woodwork that lets the light shine through yet acts as a faux barrier.

-        This is the era of the mis-match so feel free to display what your head dictates. Incidental décor means that there is a true style to be found in simply choosing what you want, with the vibe that if it matches in your heart, that is true style success. Dining chairs that don’t match, traditional and contemporary ornaments and mixing fabrics and textures may be a leap of faith but it’s all ok!

-        Accent walls remain a strong theme but bring in luxe detailing such as glitter, sequins or even velvet for an awe-inspiring touch. Paint trends are all about glitz and texture so pop down to your local retailer and prepare to be amazed at the variety on offer. If you can’t find what you are looking for, go crafty and design your look yourself. Homemade versions mean you truly get what you want and are not just for the skilled artistic types.

-        Social media sites and the internet are great portals for inspiration. Sites like Pinterest are a real Aladdin’s cave of the design genius of others and where real-life interior designers’ show-off their skills. If it’s on there, it’s up for public consumption so feel free to borrow to your heart’s content.