Parenting is a hard task. Every parent trying hard to choose the best approach. There are a lot of studies done to find out the most appropriate way to raise the kids. One of the most famous practices nowadays is the Montessori nursery. Italian physician and educator Dr Maria Montessori presented her method in the early 20th century. The principles emphasize the child's independence within certain limits. Dr Montessori mentioned that parents should give the children an environment they can utilize by themselves. For example, a chest with drawers they can open, a small washstand, children's single bed's bed where they can freely sleep. Basically, they should have an environment to live and play.

This practice mostly focuses on education. However, the main principles are implemented by many parents in childcare, especially at home. Therefore, parents applying this method in their home obey some main rules. The equipment in the room should be placed according to a child's needs. The task is to make them able to easily take their toys, get their clothes without the help of adults. It means everything in the nursery like furniture, toys, clothing, or artwork must be arranged on a child's level.

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The point where the majority of parents considering Montessori method are worrying a lot is the lack of crib. The bed should be a floor bed. It might sound bizarre at the first time. The main point that most parents worry about is that their children can fall. The answer is they most certainly will fall, but they will find their way out. That is how the little ones do. The general principle of floor bed is to give freedom of movement. It helps them to better learn about their surroundings. Moreover, adding some elements around the Montessori bed to soften the landing like a rug is an ideal solution. Generally, parents who chose the Montessori method keep their babies in bassinets in the newborn stage and a few months later transfer to the floor beds. To avoid the extreme simplicity house beds can be a solution. The kids house beds provide a more "proper" bed look. Some kids do not feel safe in floor beds. House beds are capable of giving a sense of safety by the enclosure. Teepee beds look delightful as well.

When it comes to the rest of the furniture as it was mentioned before, the core idea is to make everything reachable for the kids. Their clothes and toys should be accessible that means the furniture should be small sized. It allows the kids to make own choices that lead to self-confidence in their own abilities. The furniture in the Montessori room might include the items like the height-adjustable table and small chairs, boxes for toys, short bookcases with the shelves easy to access. The reading area is highly recommended to inspire kids to read from the early years.

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The colours and lighting in the room are important factors as well. The room decoration needs to be in neutral and bright colours. Lighting should be mostly accomplished with natural light. A soft floor lamp is a good solution when it is not possible. Moreover, giving the control of the lighting level to the kids stresses the idea of independence in their room.

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Montessori method of designing kids rooms is quite popular nowadays due to its advantages. However, it might not work for every child. Some kids are not "good sleepers" and lack a fixed sleeping schedule. The others might be easily distracted or be full of energy that makes it hard to stay in one place. In the end, parenting is not about choosing the best practice but is to find out what suits your kid best. In the opposite situations, the Montessori method might have a positive impact on the development process of the child. If you are looking for the best designing or decoration conforming Montessori method, there is not any. Enter the room, observe it from the perspective of your kid. You can sit on the floor, lie and check what can or can't you easily reach. These actions will give you the best answers. Do not forget to make the room child-proofed. Secure electrical cords and cover all electrical outlets. Moreover, get rid of all tiny sized and detailed elements.
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