Hamptons Furniture Style

Welcome to the Hamptons !

Hamptons Beach style comes from the Hamptons region of Long Island in New York - a popular destination among the affluent.

It embodies the best of classic decorating with rustic and vintage influences.

Our tips:


- keep things light, breezy and natural


- mix classic with vintage


- combine upholstered sofas, natural wood table and traditional dining chairs





This relaxed luxury you can have for less that you think. Take a look at our Hamptons Style Board.

Chunky Oak Table  
Chunky Solid Oak Table  Comfortable Fabric Armchair Urn Table Lamp  
www.mrhousey.co.uk  www.mrhousey.co.uk Marks & Spencer
Dublin Accent Chair
Autograph Medium Lantern Bantry Weave Cushion Dublin Accent Chair
Marks & Spencer Marks & Spencer www.mrhousey.co.uk
Roswell Sofa
Toile Print Quilted Cushion Roswell Sofa Classic Elegance Sofa Graphic Kilim
Marks & Spencer www.mrhousey.co.uk Marks & Spencer