Halloween is a celebration that takes place on the night of October 31. The holiday used to be primarily for children. Kids wear costumes and visit people's home to ask for sweets. It is called "Trick or treat!". However, nowadays the holiday became super popular among adults as well. They also dress up as ghosts, witches, vampires or other scary themes to party. Due to the holiday, people decorate their homes in Halloween themes. People before believed that the more decorations they have, the more protection they get from evil spirits and tricksters. We will give you some tips on how to bring the celebration atmosphere to your home. Start from the entrance of your accommodation. The scary level of the decorations highly depends if you have small kids at home or not. You need to be careful while decorating home with children. In such case, keep the rooms more playful than scary. Draw with your children witches, ghosts on the papers and hang them on the wall. You can modify the idea and turn the wall into the gallery of creative pictures with Halloween theme. Cobwebs are an excellent option to create the illusion of abandoned place.

Do not hesitate to push the limits if you do not have children at home. Wall Mounted Creepy Hands will make everyone to feel eerie while crossing the passage. Scare your guests with the hangmen or creepy ghosts next to the door. To support the scary atmosphere add some creepy candles and handmade ghouls to make the pass more terrifying.

The living room is the place where you will accommodate your guests. You need to create an impressive design in the room to surprise them. There are many ideas possible to implement. One of the options is to turn the room into an insect nest. Decorate the walls with spider or cockroach toys that can be easily purchased in various stores. You can add skulls to make a spookier environment. Do not forget the main element of celebrations, which is a pumpkin. Some people prefer the real carved pumpkin with a candle inside.

Another idea is to use the advantage of the lights. Transform the room into a pumpkin kingdom. Orange is the primary color of the holiday. You can achieve it by orange lamps or with a soft light after turning off the main lights in the room. Decor the room with lots of scary pumpkins all around. The orange theme is more accessible, more budget-friendly, and less frightening option if you have little children.

Vampire theme is one of the most loved ones among people. It is possible to turn your living room into a vampire castle as well. Put some skulls to the table. Add the old style candle holders to the wall to create the castle ambiance. Black fabric is a nice variant to cover the tables. You can increase spooky nuance with the scary photos.

In the end, it is a holiday more for kids. Therefore, try to create a celebration atmosphere in your children's room. Choose kid-friendly decorations for the room. You can decor their beds with different playful "scary" stickers. Use some black Halloween accessories to generate spooky but cute environment. Carve pumpkins with cute faces and light them to have glowing pumpkins in the room. For the safety, it is not recommended to light them by a candle. The most significant part of the celebrations is to have a Halloween costume for the celebrations. Make your children feel the holiday by organizing costumes for them and let them "hunt the sweets".