Choosing grey sofa for your home interior look ensures classic good looks with longevity. Stylish and sophisticated, whatever shade of grey you choose, it has the enviable ability to fit in with the majority of existing décor themes.

But when you want to update your living room whilst remaining determined to choose grey for your sofa choice, how can you ensure the look is highly contemporary as well as having a colour theme that blends all your furniture choices together seamlessly?

The Gey Scandi sofa look remains a preferred look with many homeowners aspiring to create a home that taps in to the cosy, comfortable Scandinavian way of decorating their living space. A grey sofa is the perfect centrepiece for the look, whether you choose a corner sofa that fills the often-unusable corner space, or you choose pieces that are designed to be placed wherever you choose. So, with sofa choice decided, it is time to build colour into the room to create that much revered look of homeliness.

An easy way to add colour is with a contrast cushion or throw. Choosing colours that are bold and vibrant respects the current trend for colour ‘pop’ and is an important feature of Scandi styling. Pattern is perfectly acceptable with tones such as mustard yellow and olive green matching well against any depth of grey.

To continue the look, choose similar colours on the wall but don’t be afraid to increase the darkness. Whether you go for a feature wall or choose a single colour all around can depend on the configuration of your room, but if you do go for a feature wall, patterned wallpaper is a key element of the look. The Scandi style likes features such as floating shelves which provide interest as well as give you the opportunity to add personal objects that add to the cosy, personal vibe. 

A shelf placed against a patterned wall would have gone against all style rules in the minimalistic era that existed a decade ago, but now it is all about making a home looked lived in yet clean and tidy.

Complete the look in a similar way by adding ornaments and personal objects that match in with your sofa’s grey tones.