Go Monochromatic – how to embrace the monochrome décor trend

Black and white is one of the most timeless combinations in the design world, instantly evoking sophistication and stylishness. As the monochrome look enjoys a new resurgence in the design world, discover the many different ways you can take on this look to add a sleek new style to your new home.

Keep it bold and strong

With a clear contrast between the two, a monochrome look can work well when you highlight and define the bold, sharp feeling this colour scheme can evoke.

This can work brilliantly for a cool, modern interior – use textures and space to emphasise the monochromatic look. Glossy metallic surfaces and geometric patterns can make a striking backdrop, while furnishing should be kept to a single colour, for maximum impact.

Add a colourful accent

While you can keep the monochrome look strictly black and white, a splash of colour can often add just a hint of vibrancy that can pull a room together, and making it feel more inviting – and less of a showpiece.

Try adding a few subtle accents in one or two bright colours – rich jewel tones can really pop against an otherwise monochrome backdrop. Keep them understated or let them stand out – either way, you’ll find that a touch of colour can bring a welcome dimension to the room.

Plants can be an ideal way to add that small pop of colour – bringing a fresh dose of colour and liveliness!

Soften the palette

Of course, monochrome doesn’t have to mean sticking to the whitest of whites, and darkest blacks. Why not embrace the spectrum of shades in between, to create a more organic and holistic feel?

Try a subtle range of hues from pale greys to darker slate-coloured tones, for wall paces, furnishing and accessories. Using softer shades of grey can bring a lovely sense of comfort and warmth, while still keeping all of the sophistication and edge of a monochrome look.

You might even want to embrace more pastel-tinted hues to bring extra depth and warmth to your room. Subtle pink, lilac or blue tints can enhance wall colour – emphasise these with an accessory or two in a slightly deeper shade for a polished and coherent style.

With a more diverse range of hues, use black and white as your accent colours – underlining key focal points and highlights in the space. 

Embrace monochrome – in different colours

While black and white is certainly one of the most popular and iconic combinations around, you might also want to expand your monochromatic theme to try different colour combinations instead.

A subtle way to shift this colour combo to a warmer and polished look is by pairing brown and cream. Deep natural wood colours and luscious dark leathers can be contrasted beautifully against soft cream textiles or stone accessories. Add bronze or brass metallic accents to pull this look together perfectly.

Do you love the monochrome trend already – what are your favourite ways to style this look?