Trends change with a rapid speed. Sometimes it is hard to catch and follow the direction. As a result, we collected recommendations, predictions and ideas from the best furniture and interior designers. We present you new ideas leading in fashion in 2019. By following them you can re-design or decorate your home in a more stylish way. These new concepts can also help you to improvise and be more creative.

Source: Pinterest

Oak comes to us with a new look in 2019. The blackened version will is achieved by oxidized oak. The new effect delivers comfort and serenity to their places. The luxury style seems like trending again in bedrooms. Designers highly praise upholstered headboards with a velvet touch. We have something coming from the North again. Creating a warm and cosy atmosphere in Norwegian and Danish style with high-contrast patterns and mixing of materials is another favourite for 2019. These Hygge interiors have increasing popularity worldwide. Surrounded by a chaotic atmosphere we want a calm environment at least our homes. Therefore designers will make us happy with more multifunctional furniture models in 2019 to help us saving space and do more. It is expected that handcrafted authenticity will be more popular this year. Blush perfectly fits with grey and natural palettes for a calming tone. This is the reason why blush will be the new neutral effect. We can see more womb-like beds in 2019. The comfortable textiles on upholstered headboards and footboards will spread warmth to the bedrooms.

Source: Fyrn Furniture

We used to have perfect and symmetrical shapes in interior design. However, this year we can observe the completely opposite. Overscaled and asymmetrical geometric shapes add a stylish effect to the places. Natural materials always look delightful. You can merge natural elements with luxury style and still have a stylish interior. We are doing another time travel. The '70s rounded furniture shapes continue to rise in popularity in 2019. Therefore, we will see curvy designed items with a chic style. We are expecting metals to be used in more innovative ways. Especially, brass and blackened metals will be part of many furniture and interior designs. People want to have a personal contribution to their decoration. As a result, the trend toward handmade products will increase. Natural stone is perfect to use with a modern approach. It can be used in the dining table to give a visual beauty to the place.

Source: Pembedekor

When it comes to the children's furniture, the Scandinavian style will continue to trend and become more popular in this area. We can observe new models of kid's house beds or teepee beds. You have a great chance to see and observe novels in the furniture industry with your eyes. From the 22nd of March to the 7th of April in London there will be an exhibition with the latest furniture trends. Ideal Home Show 2019 will take part in Olympia London venue. MrHousey will also be part of this great event by presenting house bed range.