Many people do not spend much care on designing the entryway. However, a hallway is the place where we visit and see first when we enter the home. The fact applies to your guests as well. This is the first place they enter and start to have an impression about your home. The hall needs more attention not only for the look. It is a highly functional place for storage and more. Unfortunately, not all the entryways have a large area. You should not think that a small area can limit your opportunities profoundly. If you show the right approach in organising, you will be amazed how even a hall with limited space can turn into a fully functional place delivering the necessary features. We have some suggestions for you to apply in the hallway to make it look pleasant and be useful.

Hallway tree

Source: Pier1

Hanging. The first thing you need to consider is to have something to hang the coat, jackets, or bags. You have several options that you can implement. If the size of hallway allows, they purchase a hall tree. Such furniture item is highly convenient to have multiple features. Mostly they have hooks, shoe storage and sometimes some shelves. High functionality as Scandinavian style loves. Scandinavian hallway furniture models create functional entryways with a pleasant look. Let's consider that you can not or not willing to go for such furniture piece, as we will do in the rest of article. The other alternative is to obtain a wall mounted coat rack. You can create a more creative look with DIY hooks in various styles. It will give you more freedom in the placement of it and the advantage of using the walls. Freestanding coat racks are also a nice option to use the corners in a useful way.

modern shoe storage

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Shoe storage. It is a must-have thing in the hallway. There are several options how you can do that. One of them is a shoe cabinet that has a couple of advantages. Firstly, they come with a pleasant design starting from Scandinavian style to the vintage models. These items are capable of storing a significant number of shoes keeping them out of sight and safe from dust. The lack of enough space can stop you from purchasing a shoe cabinet. In such cases, better opt a shoe rack. It is a simple and easy solution that will save your budget. Shoe racks are possible to do by yourself without buying one. It will not give you a large storage capacity. However, you will have your daily used pairs close at hand.

Source: Etsy

Shelving. Another useful way to take advantage of the walls. Install some shelves on the walls. Their top will let you put small necessary stuff like a mirror. You can get further with creativity and add one more feature to your shelf. By attaching small hooks on it, the item will turn into a key rack helping you never lose the keys and know where to look for them.

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Extras. The previously mentioned points are the most important points to make the entryway functional. Depending on the space you have it is possible to enlarge the functionality. For example, placing a chair or a bench will bring great comfort to while wearing or taking off the shoes. A delightfully designed chair will change the look of your hall as well.