If you’re one of the millions of people that work from home every day, then you know that having the right space to put you in the zone is key.

But if you’re short on space and can’t dedicate a fixed area for your home office, can you transform it back to a living area, when the working day is done? Read on to find out how...

Divide it up

To prevent your work area from spilling open into the rest of your living space, a great way to mark the boundaries is by placing an actual boundary there. Try a screen to separate out different sections of a room – a vintage style folding room screen is a simple yet effective way to identify each part – and prevents you from getting distracting when you’re at work 

If placing a screen could cut out too much natural light, then you can think about applying the same principles to your furniture. For instance, if your home office is in your bedroom, try changing the orientation of your furniture around so that neither side intrudes on the other – keep your worktop space turned away from your main living furniture (like sofas, corner sofas), to prevent the temptation to return back to work at the end of the day (or vice versa!)

Use storage units effectively

Large wardrobes and closets can be surprisingly effective home office spaces – with the added advantage of being able to close it all away, at the end of the day. A deeper storage unit is ideal for this – turn shelving into a desktop space for your laptop, and use additional storage area within to keep your paperwork and accessories safely stored.

With a folding or sliding door, you can simply close off this area to keep it out of sight when you’re done or have guests around.

Stick to a corner

Small, awkward corners in the home are often ideal spaces for a home office area, especially if you don’t need much room. How you style it will depend on the size and dimensions of your corner space – you may be able to fit in a corner shaped or regular home office desk or bench, but if not, try adding a custom built desk and storage instead.

Used effectively, this can be a great way of using space within the home, without feeling crowded or cluttered.

Keep it simple

If your home office space needs minimal accessories, but you still want to create a dedicated work area, then keep things simple, to blend in effortlessly with your main room’s décor.

Non-intrusive benches and a stylish seat keep your work area looking attractive. Make sure you have some storage space close to hand, to keep any work items neatly stowed when not required. You can also try placing an open shelving unit in between your work and living spaces, providing a subtle break, without disrupting the natural flow of the room.

Do you work from home? How do you style your workspace?