While you are shopping for your designer cot bed or nursery furniture, you will have many factors to consider when you are in the process of decorating a nursery from theme, colour, usefulness, and materials, to name a few. Therefore, we turned to the sought the experts for insight on what parents need to know to build a delightful and practical baby's room. What we learned was eye-opening and stimulating. Turns out, parents make some nursery decor mistakes that they later might regret. When we speaking about decorating to nursery furniture and such as a cot bed with mattress package or a designer cot bed, it is easy to get lost between what is needed what is frivolous.

No.1: Being Gender specific.

Escape the gender-biased room with all feminine or exclusively boyish themed decoration. It is enticing when we first learn of our baby’s gender. We tend to rush out and go on a shopping spree for any sky blue or baby pink item we can get our hands on. However, we do not really know what out newborns preferences in interior design just yet. The advice we can bestow here, which a number of new parents incapable of following, is to wait for 3-4 years for the child to develop their sense of taste. Finally, you can mix up colours by using gender-neutral ones like soft cream, beige or grey to make a great pairing with your baby’s favourite colour.

No.2: Simplicity is a key to a happy nursery.

This is a relatively simple one but you have seen it a lot in nurseries. Parents opt to fit such big furniture and too much of it, that it will leave the room so cramped. If you do not have enough space to accommodate the large furniture, it goes without saying less or compact cot bed with mattress will give you traffic that is more fluid and an airy feeling to the room. Vacant wall space is a still a good look, it is a matter of preference, so whenever you have the urge to hang fine art for your newborn baby. Therefore, when purchasing your baby’s cot and chest set, ponder the size and shape of the room, then work with what you have.

No.3: Avoid Themes.

Themes have a short lifespan. While Disney themed furniture is cute, are you planning to replace everything when your baby becomes a toddler and they might not be so fitting anymore? Alternatively, will they still love Winnie the Pooh as much in a year or two? Truth is, you can save a lot of time and money if you design your nursery in a way that it can easily grow up with your children. If you have, your heart set on a character themes try leaving the larger space or items, like walls and furniture, neutral and add some smaller pieces of your chosen theme.

No.4: Expensive Furniture is lovely, but not necessary.

Often parents desire to show others that can afford a luxury cot bed purchased from Italy for their baby. Regardless, in the end, you are most likely to keep telling your son or daughter to be wary of the furniture to avoid it being hurt. Even experts turn a nursery room into an exhibition. Let it be a room that will grow with the child rather than a showroom. You will find a nursery furniture set under 300 that meets your taste.

No.5: Negligent the Importance of Storage.

A factor in need of your attention is storage, which is a vital key in baby’s nursery. Your beloved ones need many belongings, as we usually assume, so to avoid a cluttered appearing room organize a great storage system. This could include shelves, wardrobe, storage boxes and the list keeps on going.