Blue living rooms come in all sizes and shapes. From classic to modern, to everything in between, blue is a colour that spreads across styles like no other. In fact, paired with neutrals, there is no more practical colour to decorate with than blue. Therefore, whether your taste runs to bold and bright, or soft and fine, these blue living room ideas are sure to provide plenty of inspiration.

Glossy and Dramatic

In this image, the designer is aiming to create spaces that are classic yet have some sort of astonishing chic that set them apart from the crowd. One of the most important things to draw attention to is that while the paint is a very dark blue, it has a gloss finish, which makes it more thrilling and vibrant than a matte finish would. Consider using this technique when using dark paint colours.

Classic and subtle 

A classic sitting room is the ideal setting for traditional and restrained white walls with the blue accent chairs. The vibe it provides is full of depth and robustness at the same time. The colour, combined with the room's artistic details, proves that space can have loads of character before a single piece of furniture is placed in it. 

Cosy and Warm

There is no better colour combination than blue and purple. In the case of this warm and cosy blue living room, a light but vibrant shade is used as the primary colour and then accented with hits of rusty purple. Add a baby blue fireplace, the same colour as the walls, and the room offers a feeling of intimacy with a sense of being enveloped by this warm and welcoming colour. 

Sleek and Contemporary

Contrast is key in this transitional living room. A dark blue modern sofa provides the perfect centrepiece with white pieces of furniture around the living room. Despite the extensive use of white and light shades, the room maintains a balanced feeling thanks to the considered use of blue.

Scandinavian style

The calming colour of the sea and sky are perfect for Scandi living room styles. In this living area, the white and blue colours pair elegantly yet simply, with no real accent colours to speak of. This look can be tough to pull off, but in this case, the contemporary blue sofa adds a lively touch to the room while the white provides a welcoming glow.

Airy Beach Style

Create a breezy, calm retreat by marrying aqua blue shades with sandy neutrals. A generous splash of the ocean comes from the blue living room furniture pieces contrasting with a lovely white sofa. This room encourages you to feel relaxed and tranquil, and there is ample natural light coming in from the glass sliding doors to give the room a well-lit, beach-like air.

Soft and subtle 

Soft blues are great for adding a delicate elegance to classic living spaces. Here the designer has used a soft blue sofa in a very similar shade to the walls to create a comfortable, calming, and harmonious living room.

Electric Living Room

This dramatic room features a deep, almost electric shade of blue. A white modern sofa with an eccentric shape is paired with dark blue walls. Adopting a minimalist style gives the room a sense of great architectural depth enhanced by the simple interior design. The milk-white sofa practically jumps out from the wall, creating a lively focal point.

Calm and Cool

A relaxing palette of soft blue, beige and white makes for a tranquil atmosphere in this classic-styled living room.  

Modern Eclectic

Eclectic is something of an all-inclusive design term, and blue is an all-encompassing colour, so the two pair together in home decor beautifully. The white walls provide a stunning backdrop for a collection of both modern and traditional items.