Here at MrHousey the top question we get asked when talking about fabrics is, how practical is this material? We are always hunting through books and talking to designers about the best fabric for a house with a sniffer dog mentality. We have become very good when it comes to finding a sofa fabric that is suitable for just about anything you can throw at it and be stylish to boot. The Weaves collection that we chose from is bursting at the seams with luxury, hand-woven fabrics that we don’t have the space to put them anywhere


These fabrics look great when combined with some more natural finishes such as a heavy weight sofa’s or soft touch arm chairs, think big fluffy fur pillows to add to the feel or iridescent blinds and curtains so you can create something unique. If you are looking for the ultimate in striking fabrics and you are prepared to splash out in your living room decor then we here will have what you are looking for. 



We here at the MrHousey design team do not only look for fabrics that look amazing and will give your home a new life but they must be durable and long lasting, this can be hard but we know that all that we have on show here covers both bases. We feel proud of this and so we will continue to do this. You can see all the fabrics on are website and our social media pages.